Tycho Heliocentric Model Essay

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There is several different theories of how the sun and the planets orbit in the universe. The geocentric models such as the Greek Geocentric model portrays the earth in the center of the universe. The heliocentric models such as the Tycho Heliocentric Model displays the sun being more the center of the universe.
Greek Geocentric Model
In many ancient civilizations such as the Ancient Greeks, the geocentric model was the predominant theory. An observation of this particular model was the stars, sun, moon, and planets circled around the earth once a day. In the 6th century BC, Anaximander came up with the explanation of the earth being shaped like a cylinder. He believed the moon sun and planets were holes inside invisible wheels circled around
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He came to his conclusion of this model by studying and taking some qualities of the Ptolemaic System for the physical part of his theory and he used information from the Copernican System for mathematical parts of his theory. His Theory was essentially a geocentric model with the earth at the center of the universe and the sun, moon, and stars revolve around it and the other 5 plants revolved around the sun. Tycho believed his theory was correct because the earth was just too sluggish or slow to be constantly turning and that the earth was not readily moved. He believed the physics of Copernican’s theory just didn’t agree. He said that daily rising and setting of the sun could be explained by the earth;s rotation. Tycho also believed that the earth orbited the sun annually. This belief of it taking one year to orbit the sun is still the belief we have today. In the heliocentric system the planets orbit the sun much like today’s explanation. The heliocentric belief more so agrees with the three laws of Kepler. Kepler actually came up with his observations based on the observations of Tycho. Kepler used Tycho’s model to represent that the earth orbits in an ellipses and not a circle like the previous beliefs said. Kepler’s law says that it connects at one of two foci and that is a difference in Kepler from

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