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  • Love And Alienation: The Lovers By Spike Jonze

    Love and Alienation: Love Is Blind A great mind once said that “Love is blind”, which has come to mean that if you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person. Some believe this is a lifelong feeling, but I believe it is only temporary. In the film Her by Spike Jonze, Theodore falls in love with his operating system and is forced to grow out of the honeymoon phase as the operating system advances. When Theodore first starts to fall in love with Samantha (his OS), he is blind to the fact that he is not in a normal relationship. This reminds me of a piece of art we studied: The Lovers by Rene Magritte. This painting is of two people kissing, while their faces are covered by white sheets. The film Her and the panting The Lovers parallel…

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  • Her Film Analysis

    Her is a comedy-drama movie mixed with a bit of science fiction; It was written and produced by Spike Jonze in 2013. Her was chosen the best film of 2013 at the National Board of Review; it earned a total of five Academic Awards. He should be proud of it. This movie is about Theodore, who falls in love with a computer software. It 's called operating system (OS) with a sweet female voice and personality, named Samantha. They have a date together, and go to the beach, they do really have fun.…

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  • Her By Spike Jonze: Film Analysis

    Relationships are complicated. The film “Her”, directed by Spike Jonze, is a clear example of this. Throughout the film, Theodore Twombly is challenged by the decision of having a relationship with a digital lifeform. He struggles with his artificial companion, Samantha, wishing that she were real. Samantha faces many of her own challenges as well, one of them being that she is unable to have human interaction with Theodore. Although, technology helps Theodore to break out of his comfort zone,…

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  • Analysis Of Violence In Her By Spike Jonze And Vertigo By Alfred Hitchcock

    In Her (2013), by Spike Jonze and Vertigo (1958) by Alfred Hitchcock, violence is aestheticized through the use of romance. Scottie and Theodore’s sadistic tendencies are masked by their obsession with love. Scotty and Theodore convey the characteristics of men who are hopelessly in love with the women they are with, but in reality they simply want to control them. Vertigo and Her’s aestheticization of violence and the protagonists’ need for control are emphasized by the fact that both Scottie…

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  • Power Outage Case Study

    In managing a network problems with the network are to be expected and planned for when and where possible. Many of these plans created to deal with problems cover what to do if a part of the system is attacked or compromised along with what to do in the event of a natural disaster. This does not mean everything is covered as some problems are deem unlikely or a minor enough event that it should not be a problem to deal with. One potential problem that can find itself label in such a way are…

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  • Spike Lee's Controversial Films

    Spike Lee Producer, director, writer and actor Spike Lee creates controversial films that explore race relations, political issues and urban crime and violence. His films include She's Gotta Have It and Do the Right Thing. Lee became a director of promise with his first feature film, She's Gotta Have It, in 1986. The film was shot in two weeks and cost $175,000 to make, but grossed more than $7 million at the box office, making it one of the most profitable films made in 1986. While a…

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  • Analysis Of Do The Right Thing By Spike Lee

    During the late 80’s an innovated film maker named Spike Lee created a revolutionary piece of cinematic history called Do The Right Thing. Lee not only directs this incredible film he also stars as the lead role named “mookie”. Unlike most films in the 80’s Lee exposes the audience to thing they aren’t used to seeing. He uses classical Hollywood cinema techniques to capture his film in a different way. For instance, an individual may notice the use of synchronized sounds, close up shots, and the…

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  • Lost In Translation Analysis

    a love with no romance, where Her refers much more to the typical love average people strive for, a close connection with someone physically and mentally. In Lost in Translation there is never any sexual tension between Bob and Charlotte, but a love focused on the company and life experience of one another. The sense of no one else understands them as they understand each other. Her on the other hand, although also involving his concept of understanding each other on a deep level, also really…

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  • Narrative Techniques In Spike Jonze's Her

    Spike Jonze's Her is an ordinary love story with a restriction--one of the lovers is a lot like other human beings. Usually, romances depend on a small stable of expected, but effective, ways of doing things. The more simple of these ways is the two-shot, in which the director puts both individuals in the same shot. A sequence of two-shots affects the audience, which we begin to expect to see these two characters together in every shot. When shots that only contain one of the lovers begin to…

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  • Where The Wild Things Are Movie Analysis

    Where the wild things are in 1963 published by Maurice Sendak and also the story of the same name was made into a movie by Spike Jonze in 2007. It was a different experience to read the book (where the wild things are) and to watch the movie. The producers also made changes that made the movie more appealing to a diverse audience. This essay will talk about what the differences are between the book and the movie of the same name. The book ‘’Where the Wild Things Are’’ is a children’s story that…

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