Love And Alienation: The Lovers By Spike Jonze

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Love and Alienation: Love Is Blind

A great mind once said that “Love is blind”, which has come to mean that if you love someone, you cannot see any faults in that person. Some believe this is a lifelong feeling, but I believe it is only temporary. In the film Her by Spike Jonze, Theodore falls in love with his operating system and is forced to grow out of the honeymoon phase as the operating system advances. When Theodore first starts to fall in love with Samantha (his OS), he is blind to the fact that he is not in a normal relationship. This reminds me of a piece of art we studied: The Lovers by Rene Magritte. This painting is of two people kissing, while their faces are covered by white sheets. The film Her and the panting The Lovers parallel
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Samantha supports his interests, career, and emotions. She listens to him and gets to know him. It was an idealistic relationship, besides the fact that Samantha wasn’t human. Theodore was the happiest he had been since his divorce. He saw no flaws in the relationship; he was blind. If this feeling was to be painted onto canvas, it would become the painting of The Lovers. The man and the woman seem to both be happily in love. Their bodies seem to be touching and the way they are embracing shows deep affections they share for one another, but it is easy to tell that these two are blind as well. They have white sheets over their faces which could mean a few things: The sheets could symbolize a barrier that is blocking any emotional connection, keeping the relationship restricted to the physical love coming from their bodies, which are not covered. They could also symbolize secrets that each lover carry’s around, but, most importantly, the sheets could symbolize that ‘love is …show more content…
Sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t. For Samantha and Theodore their relationship ran its course. In the end, Samantha helped Theodore find love again and grow out of his slump. Theodore is now more confident and has a better chance to find love in the future. For The Lovers, love is still blind, but an outside opinion can show that a negative future is upon them. Although both of these works of art are a pessimistic view on love, there is always a bright side. If someone is there to help remove the blinders, an unhealthy relationship can be ended sooner and the possibility for a new, heathy relationship has the chance to blossom. We always learn from our mistakes and can choose to learn from the mistakes of others and these two pieces of art are excellent examples that we can learn

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