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  • Disadvantages Of Online Learning

    Online Learning or (eLearning) has been a staple of higher education for a while now. Since the rise of the Internet, Universities have all been able, in various ways, to utilize the newfound technology to help make learning more accessible to students as well as management for faculty (Picciano, 2016). Since many courses and programs (degrees) are offered via Course Management Systems (CMS) or Learning Management Systems (LMS) as opposed to the traditional classroom approach, even registration is done through some type of system that connects with the LMS. Higher education has reached a point where interacting with an LMS like Blackboard, or Canvas is even common in regular “in person classes”. For example, faculty will often request assignments, such as papers, to be submitted through an LMS for review and grading, even if it is in person. These systems while good, they are far from perfect. An online LMS is subject to various errors and issues over the course of its lifetime. Things like outages, security breaches, and user errors are all some examples of what can happen that makes the utilization of these systems challenging by comparison to an in-person course. For instance, Arizona State University (ASU) had an online security breach back in 2012 which affected not only their administrative systems but also their learning portal such as Blackboard LMS. During that time, communication was scarce due to the affected periods, finals were around this time and many…

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  • Ethical Challenges Of Online Education

    The method of education today differs greatly from the conventional way of education. In the old days, not everyone was educated and the condition of education was poor. On the other hand, the education system of today is more improved and developed than the past. Now, almost every school has an internet-related education system which considered as new way of education here, and statistically, 74% of people use mobile devices such as a laptop or tablet for eLearning (“15 E-Learning statistics…

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  • Personal Narrative: Observation In Latin America

    A roar of anger blows up the classroom, that is now on the other side of the bookcase. I wonder around the room questioning which path to take. I pace over to the introduction of each path. As I look down the long hallway, I notice a cry for help coming behind one of the doors. I want to go and see what is going on, but the Mrs.Berntson has demolished ,most of the bookcase. And that was my cue to leave! I break to spiral stair case, skipping each step until I reach the ruling platform. I…

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  • The Universe Research Paper

    23. What Are THE BASIC ENERGIES OF THE UNIVERSE? • The Whole Universe, everything beyond ‘I’s, CONSISTS of Matter or Energies. The Sum of All Energies in The Universe is CONSTANT or ETERNAL. However, the combinations or ‘transformations’ of various Energies are TEMPORAL. • For the ‘I’ in order to CREATE, MANIFEST & EXPERIENCE a ‘gateway’ to the world of energies is needed. THE CREATIVE POWER or as Martinus calls it - 7th basic energy or THE ETERNAL UNMANIFESTED ‘MOTHER’ ENERGY SPLITS UP The…

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  • Land Art, Spiral Jetty And The Great Serpent Mound

    Similarities between it and his most iconic and probably the best known work of Land Art, Spiral Jetty, are evident. Spiral Jetty (1970) is a work that came only a short time before GSM (1971) and we see Smithson’s use of the same motif, the spiral. The spiral is the whole work. It is anchored to the northeastern shore of the Great Salt Lake in the Utah desert with a meters-long straight tail that winds into the counterclockwise curvatures of the spiral. The spiral was planned for months in…

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  • Special Circumstance Essay

    From the confidence that I have built I am able to represent who I am, and where I am from. I have a great understanding now about the person I am. Which will send me down a great path in the future. This obstacles that I faced I learned many things. I learned to believe in myself, to have faith in my abilities, and where I am from because without a humble but reasonable confidence in my own powers and characteristics I cannot be successful or happy. From the words of Charles Stanley I know that…

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  • Symbolism In Cartoon Physics

    of the universe 's power and the world of cartoons, Flynn utilizes symbolism to explore human reality. Flynn reveals that in cartoons, characters are in control of their environment. Additionally, children who play in sandboxes produce an alternate universe. These examples reveal how people consciously seek to ignore the truths of reality. Through an analysis of the universe 's power and cartoon physics, Flynn exposes how innocence functions as a source of protection in human reality.…

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  • Explain What Is And Where Is The Holy World Essay

    ‘Visible World’…the ‘Invisible world’ is Primary part of a ’Living Being’ …it is valid for entire ‘The Universe’ ” In other words, first comes Idea, then mental followed by Physical Creation contrariwise is impossible. (Quote from the book ‘COSMIC LESSONS’, article ‘Through The ‘Empty’ Space of Cosmos’, chapter #6) • Regretfully, for a time being, ‘man-made’ science has no mental ‘resources’ in order to ‘recognize’ that atomic and sub-atomic particles or Substance also have a Spiritual or…

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  • Argumentative Essay On Galaxies

    The universe today is huge. Scientists and Astronomers are finding new galaxies, planets asteroids, and more. But today, that's not what we are going to talk about. We’re going to talk about galaxies. Have you ever wondered what a galaxy really is? In the early 1900s, astronomers . Astronomers argued about spiral shaped, gas, dust were getting closer to discovering galaxiessome star vast cloud found in the night sky. In 1919, Edwin Hubble, an astronomer found the answers. Hubble used his…

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  • What Is The Most Magical Place In The World

    the outer towers so I had to struggle and fuss with my dress to avoid dragging it across the ground outside, but it is well worth it. The books spiral up the tower along with the staircase and the room is still around 40 feet in diameter leaving plenty of space to walk around the amazing furnishings. It smells of dust and leather, the warm air feels as if it is hugging me from all around. Being in so many libraries throughout the world, I can honestly say that they are some of the most magical…

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