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  • Ethical Effects Of Teleportation Technology

    Teleportation technology has been seen by many as a Frankenstein event in humanity’s long history. Although the technology has inspired many with its numerous potential applications, it has also terrified a lot of pessimists. Teleportation is a technology that promises to provide instantaneous travel from one location, for instance, Bangkok to another site far from the earth like the Alpha Centauri star system. Such power is one that is worth grasping after. Some have gone ahead to suggest that…

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  • Explanatio In Reasonable Faith Analysis

    natural inclination to suggest that perhaps human beings were given these skills and attributes because they were created by an intelligent being. This process of thinking gives weight to the teleological argument and the argument from design. The universe itself, and all that exists in it, seems to be no accident of nature. For something so complicated and detailed to occur, Christians can most certainly conclude that the best possible…

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  • Aristotle's Polytheism: The Golden Age Of Greece

    his time; and quite possibly our own. He delved in to questions of our universe, often pushing the ideas and boundaries of the accepted beliefs. Aristotle constantly persisted to better not only his knowledge, but also that of his people. The Golden Age of Greece is also noted as having well know theology belief of polytheism; a religion with multiple gods. However, Aristotle, through his constant questioning of the universe, challenged this way of thinking by bringing up the idea of a singular…

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  • Substantial Funding For Space Exploration

    for NASA would allow them to create space missions where they can explore the secrets of the universe. The United States would be the first country to “peel back the curtains”, analogous to when Europeans traveled westward and headed towards North America. Space exploration is the contemporary version…

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  • Phosphorus = Hesperus Summary

    and also it was an astronomical discovery 2. Statement 3 “Phosphorus = Hesperus” is a trivial statement that can be understood without any logic work at all. The two statements are particularly interesting because although statement one is referring to one object and statement two is referring two objects but in fact they are referring to the same identical object. What Frege was able to take away from this argument is that each singular term can have multiple understandings. Ferge proposed two…

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  • Argument Essay: The Truth In The Myth

    one must go beyond the text and myth and examine what ancient Greek philosophers have to explain, the natural balance in the universe and unknown life after death. Greek Philosopher Aristotle before his life had end, he come up with many explanations on how the universe works. He had taught his students this “Every object has a purpose in the grand design of the universe" (Aristotle). It means that everything happens for one reason known and unknown. This explains why a person might pray, to…

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  • Summary Of Pais's Essay What Happened In Copenhagen

    In Abraham Pais’s article, “What Happened in Copenhagen?: A Physicist's View and the Playwright's Response,” Pais argues the historical accuracy of Michael Frayn’s 1998 play, Copenhagen. Frayn’s play depicts a meeting that took place in 1941 between prominent physicist Niels Bohr and Werner Heisenberg. The play takes place is the Nazi occupied Denmark, and sheds light on the political issues both men are facing. Following Pais’s dispute regarding small details of the play, Frayn then gives his…

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  • Summary Of Chapter One: An Analysis Of Ball Of Fire

    yourself there is no room for forgiveness. The war in heaven became very intense and Michael and his angels came out fully to fight this war and slings of sword were heard all over the heavens. Lightings and thundering was seen and heard all over the universe all the beings of the earth looked up to the sky as asteroids fell to the earth as a result of this war. Michaels went after Lucifer and his fellow rebels as they have been over power and looking for a way of escape, finding a way out…

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  • The Four Elements In Hayy's Cosmology

    Hayy developed a cosmology to portray how he understood the world through the use of observation, speculation, and comparison, without it he would have never discovered how interconnected the universe was. Hayy understands the world in a way that is similar to Copernicus and the rest of previous scientists. His theory of the world stemmed from developments that took place over 28 years in seven-year increments (Ibn Ṭufayl 1150, pg. 128). Hayy understood the world through the basis of the four…

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  • Microbial Symbiosis Research Paper

    The definition of Symbiosis is "the living together in an intimate association of two or more dissimilar organisms". Symbiosis is a crucial part of our existence and a reason for the beginning of life on this planet we call home. According to history of our planet, Earth was formed from absolute nothingness to tiny molecules of thick water vapor and many compounds of nitrogen, carbon dioxide, ammonia, and more. From these molecules, the disorder and order of the molecule reacted with each other,…

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