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  • Reflective Essay About God

    The word of god says if you had heeded my commands, then you peace would flow like a river. He also states happy are ye that keep my commands. The essence of these words are simply foolishness to the unconverted heart. For those however; who have tasted and seen that god is good it is life unto them. There was a time in my life when i bought into the lies of the enemy. I saw god as being restrictive, his laws too rigid, and his entire government as a fun buster. I thought maybe that god…

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  • Example Of The Cosmological Argument

    The cosmological argument aims to study the nature and order of the universe. “‘The world cannot come from nothing’. The idea here is that the existence of the universe demands a cause, reason, or explanation.” (Davis, 1993) It is also known as the first cause argument. The argument states that we can infer the existence of God from the universe. It is an a posteriori argument which starts at experience. Cosmological arguments are made from the viewpoint of observation. The cosmological…

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  • Energy Vs Dark Energy

    Energy is a mysterious and everlasting component which exists within the universe; it is the existential source of power which human beings have harnessed through technology in order to progress and evolve. It is fair to note that energy is quintessential to every action and reaction occurring in the universe at all times. Furthermore, the law of conservation of energy states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed but can be transferred between different forms and states and even between…

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  • Radiometric Dating Research Paper

    Carlee Scherr Period 1 When you open up a Bible, the first verse says that. “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1, NIV Bible). Creationism is the belief of just that, that God created the heavens and earth. Studies have shown that fifty-five percent of Americans believe in Creation, while forty-five percent believe in Evolution. Evolutionism is the theory of evolution, where organisms gradually improve themselves, and acquire characteristics. There is the…

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  • The Flake Equation Summary

    Michael Shermer is an American science writer, historian of science, and founder of The Skeptics Society. Shermer is the author of books which delve into the ideas and beliefs behind UFO sightings and paranormal claims. One article regarding ‘The Flake Equation’ goes further into the topic of the paranormal and extraterrestrial life. Shermer did not create the equation himself, but rather discusses it regarding his studies and beliefs on a scientific level. The original equation, The Drake…

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  • Mythological Universe In The Lord Of The Rings

    What sort of mythological universe is presented in the work? The Lord of the Rings is set in the fictional world of Middle Earth. In a mythological sense, it can be viewed as myths of the events that took place before human history. Throughout the films, an aura of myth and reminiscence is maintained. It starts off in the Shire with a bright and casual tone, and moves into a more dark and serious tone as the fellowship branches out into more dangerous parts of the world. Middle Earth is…

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  • Relationship Between Gaia Hypothesis And Life's Rocky Start

    Compared to the documentary, Grinspoon elaborates more on human actions. When he writes “Galileo was able to detect the noisy radio chatter of the civilization that made it,” it implies that human footprint are prominent to the point where they can be witnessed from space (81). This inflates our perception of human actions on Earth because it shows that humans are making an obvious enough impact that is viewable from space. On the other hand, Life’s Rocky Start discusses more in depth about…

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  • Symbolism Of Water Research Paper

    God created the earth, the whole world, the places where we live now. All creatures in the earth, living and non-living. One of the most important matter God created is the water. Water, thou hast no taste, no color, no odor; can’t not be defined, art relished while ever mysterious. Water has been used since antiquity as a symbol by which to express devotion and purity. Some cultures, like the ancient Greeks, went as far as to worship gods who were thought to live in and command the…

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  • Similarities Between Kuhn And Descartes 'Structure Of Scientific Revolution'

    Reflection prompt #3 Tareque Mehdi EDUC 800 Ways of Knowing Imagine a conversation between Kuhn and Descartes: what would Kuhn say to Descartes about his Discourse? Many have argued that Descartes created a scientific revolution. Does it meet Kuhn’s attributes? Why or why not? Additionally, note what specifically about Kuhn’s perspective helps you understand how we come to know? If I imagine a conversation between Kuhn and Descartes, upon closely looking at their publications, I believe…

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  • Greek Creation Story Vs Genesis

    Dispersed all throughout the world, are different perspectives on how we came to be, these are known as creation stories. Two of the many, would be the Christian creation story, Genesis, and the Greek creation story. Between Greek and Genesis, they share traits that are akin, as well as traits that differ from each other. The three elements within the two stories are the settings, characteristics, and the religious beliefs or cultural values. Within the stories, there is a different perspective…

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