Humility And Courage Analysis

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91. How One Finds Humility & Courage TO FORGIVE?
• Christ suggested that we must not be ever tired of FORGIVING. Many wonder if that ‘path’ is correct one. Modern Intellectual cannot accept anything at face value. Everything requires logical explanation, which is compatible with ‘Cosmic’ or ‘Natural Laws’. The ‘Reasons’, ‘Why ALWAYS to FORGIVE’ are not exemption.
• First major step in right direction is to raise above ‘local’ logic. The ‘local’ logic insists that if someone did the ‘evil’ must be punished. Some legal systems even in developed & Christian countries have capital punishment as measure of punishment for the worst categories of ‘crime’ committed against other humans. So, per example, a brutal killing is punished by the killing of
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• “‘Seen’ from the ‘local’ perspective it is quite OK and rational to be angry meeting those who completely ‘unprovoked’ are unjust, intolerant or unkind towards you, but ‘seen’ from the ‘Cosmic Perspective’ it is totally ‘unacceptable’ and irrational, indicating that one ‘insulted’ is equally primitive as the one who was ‘insulting’.” Summer meadow is rich in plants from scanty beautiful flowers all the way to weeds…A street in a big city also has ‘everything’ – very mature humans, those terrestrial in puberty, and those still in embryonic states…”Everyone can come in contact with everyone else and is not ‘by chance’ whom one meets.” (Quote from the article ‘How to …show more content…
The ‘Animal Ways’ are still strong due to ‘Habitual consciousness’. The ’Human Ways’ are still weak and the ‘uncharted territory’. CONTENTMENT & TRUE HAPPINESS “CANNOT BE FOUND IN ‘Animal Ways’, and CAN be found only in the opposite – The ‘Human Ways’ of Existence.” HUMAN MENTALITY DEVELOPMENT is “…INTENTION OF THE NATURE & GOD’s WILL…” for terrestrial Human Beings. (Quote from the Article ‘The Cause of Fate of Terrestrial Men’ chapter #10)
• However, Experience of Life consists of experiences of contrasts. Being’s eternal faculty for experiencing life is based on two main contrasts Darkness & Light or as perceived by terrestrial men – ‘evil’ & ‘goodness’ respectively. The Eternal Creative Power Principle or “Mother Energy” causes living being to live through epoch of life where primary factor is the extreme exposure and experience of ‘Dark Forces’. These ‘Dark Forces’ Are Experienced as ‘Evil’ Only WHEN SATIATED

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