Why Does God Exist

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Nearly everyone at some point in their life has questioned whether or not there is a God, and there are many arguments as to why or why not God is real, but through observation of the universe one can conclude that due to the patterns that arise and complexity of it all that God does exist. While God’s exact nature cannot be pinned down by these observations, one can get a rough understanding of Him and the level of power He has.

In this day and age, having faith is simply not good enough for many people. They need to know why, how, when, and where things happened. To modern society, a God can’t be explicitly proven, and therefore God does not exist at all. People say that if they could see God’s footprint in the universe, or if they could actually see evidence that he exists, then maybe they would agree that there is an intelligent designer behind it all. The problem with this way of thinking is that it ignores the massive amount of evidence and sound logical arguments that lead to a belief in the reality of God. In order to believe in God, one must have reasoning as to why they believe. There are three basic steps in a design argument that are crucial to coming to the conclusion of God’s existence: First, the universe must exhibit some
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Simply stated, intelligent design theory is the idea that because people can see footprints of some higher power through the complexity or simplicity of natural processes. Since history began, philosophers have observed humans and noted that certain aspects of them are almost put there by someone. Xenophon commented on Socrates and his arguments stating that humans were a product of an intelligent designer. (Xenophon, Memorobilia) Through the history of the argument and the fact that it has stood the test of time, it is possible find some credibility in intelligent

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