The Existence Of God Essay

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The Existence of God

This argument about the existence of God, better known as the cosmological argument, begins with the late philosopher Aristotle. Similar to a modern day natural scientist, he believed that we could ascertain more about the world and the very fundamental nature of things within our world just by observing and recording. In many ways Aristotle resemble a modern day artist, a person who goes through life experiencing and watching all different types of energy that’s around, visually records this information and help others by spreading this knowledge to the mass. Aristotle too, would look and study the world and its patterns that were around him in order to gain insight into his world. In fact, the term cosmological
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When observing the world, visualize all the things around you big and small and one will begin to notice all things have a course already set in motion and not one thing has puts itself in motion. Now, if we assume that thing is in motion, it is because some thing is likely causing it to do so. However, when there are an infinite number of things in motion and things causing them to be in-motion it will not be correct because of balance. If an infinite chain or weakening existed anything in motion, and those same things are causing them to be in motion, then we could not account for the motion we see. If we move backwards from observing motions with their cause, and then to that cause of motion within those things that caused motion, and so on, then we could continuing moving backwards ad infinitum. For example think about attempting to count all of the points in a one hundred and eighty degree angle, moving from point J to point F. We would never get to point A although we know where point A exist as we know it’s there. Just like that, if the cause-and-effect chain never had a starting point then we would not be able to calculate the motion, which is around people. With there being motion, the cause and effect chain needs a place to begin, which leads us to the cause and effect relationship between the motion of events and the catalyst which started these motions. It’s …show more content…
Every thing has a purpose or motion, in life whether they are aware or not, and theses motions are something given by the Unmoved mover, who is the one cause of all other beings. In order to maintain a balance in the world motions are given in hopes of a thing not being out of a place in society. Which is interesting because that right there is what makes you think if things have been already set up for you by God, how does one really know that they are on the correct motion? What about the negative things done in this world back then, and today in modern times, are those all apart of a plan that’s already encoded in people and they just have to find it? The motions theory, definitely has some spiritual qualities but also shares methods of deductive reasoning as the basis of believing in the existence of

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