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  • Narrative Essay About A Spider

    Spiders are the most atrocious creatures on the planet. The amount of times I came face to face with a spider is unbelievable. I swear, my life flashes before my eyes every time. There was one time in particular where I thought I was going to die; I remember it like it was yesterday. I was surrounded by nothing. It smelled like freshly mowed grass and it felt as hot as an oven. It was the summer of 2014 and my best friend, Lauren, had moved in for a few months. Lauren would visit her grandmother, “Grammy”, every so often for about a week. One day, she invited both of us to stay at her place in Mississippi for the week. At the time, I was up for any possible adventure so of course I said yes in a heartbeat. Within the next two hours, I was on my way to what can only be described as the middle of nowhere. Two days into the trip, I regretted my decision. Grammy basically lived in the woods. Across her property, lived Lauren’s aunt, “Nanny”, and her three kids. At night, it was pitch black outside. It was as if electricity was an unknown concept. We were surrounded by trees and it took about an hour to get to civilization. All of my friends and family know I would never consider myself a country girl. I have no idea how I survived running through the woods barefoot just to get inside of the house. I have no idea how I survived sitting in a car for an hour listening to Lauren and Grammy singing along to Keith Urban. I have no idea how I survived mud riding with these country…

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  • In The Skin Of A Lion Analysis

    Inquiry Paper “Fiction is like a spider's web, attached ever so lightly perhaps, but still attached to life at all four corners.” ~ Virginia Woolf. For a spider the web is the key part of her existence, spun through individual silk, piece by piece it eventually connects together to form a web that provides life for the spider, a new start. Though weaved with care it does have its limitations in strength, weak and miniature bugs will get caught, but the powerful and big will destroy the web.…

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  • The Importance Of Spinning Of Nylon

    Spinning of Nylon Fiber: The turning of the nylon filaments is completed with dissolve turning. There are two strategies for liquefy turning: 1. Grid turning 2. Extruder turning. Lattice turning is utilized for the generation of better fibers. The nylon chips are made to fall on a hot matrix that melts the nylon pieces. The liquid nylon is pumped through a sand channel to the spinneret. The sort of fiber created relies on the quantity of gaps on the spinneret, the size and the state of the…

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  • Sustainability In The Textile Industry

    the spinneret. Filament yarns can also be separated into 2 categories, explicitly: Multi and Mono filaments. The filament that is natural and an inclusive filament yarn are silk. Even though there are diverse filament fiber examples, such as: Wool and cotton - Staple fibers. 1.4 The only natural filament fiber available is silk. 1.5 Cotton is the natural plant fiber which dominates across the world concerning natural plant fiber recognition. 1.6 Wool is the natural animal fiber that is the…

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  • Chi Ling Zi: The Goddess Of The Silk

    First in raising the silkworm and cocoons and second the reeling. To produce high quality of silk the environment needs perfection, preventing the moth from hatching and feeding the silkworm a faultless diet. Eggs need to be kept at 65 degrees with a steady increase to 70 degrees when ready to hatch. All the baby worms are fed night and day with mulberry leaves until they have stored enough energy to enter the cocoon stage. The silkworm takes three to four days to spin a cocoon around them.…

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  • Native American Spirituality In Louise Erdrich's Love Medicine

    everything is tied to everything else. The book Love Medicine, itself, is a web of sorts. Louise Erdrich comes from the Native American culture of the Ojibwe. She uses this as her background for the story. All the characters are Ojibwe and learning how to find themselves in connection to each other and to the world around them. There is an Ojibwe spirit known as Asibikaasi, better known as Spider Woman. She is behind the reasoning and creation of dream catchers. She used her web to take away…

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