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  • What Is Differential Heating?

    Differential heating occurs when the earth leans and rotates around the sun that heats the globe year long. Because of so many changes of solar radiation, lower latitudes have more energy than the higher latitudes from the sun. Some locations on the same line of latitude will have different weather depending on how close or far they are to the oceans. Also lakes and rivers reduce the heat temperature because of the large amount of water they hold. When the atmosphere heats up it creates pressure, and different pressures create wind or breeze. Placing windmills near places that have lots of wind power, like oceans, valleys, and mountains is a good idea to get rid of pollutant in the air that causes people breathing problems. Differential heating…

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  • Anthropogenic Climate Change Essay

    Exceptional monitoring efforts have established a shift from Arctic to Subarctic climate regime within the last decade (Grebmeier et al. 2006). Building on the existing 30-year record of direct observations on the water column and benthic macrofauna, I will extend this record back to the last glacial maximum using geologically young fossil material (<10,000 years old), including both skeletal death assemblages accumulating in the seabed, and recently buried fossils from sedimentary cores.…

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  • George Hadley's Single-Cell Atmospheric Global Circulation Model

    Effect which prevents air from traveling directly to the poles and could not explain the westerly winds in the mid-latitudes (The Editors of Encyclopædia Britannica, 2007). In the 1850’s research provides greater insight to the westerlies and polar easterlies,…

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  • The Importance Of Eratosthenes In Aristotle's Work

    scholars that worked to discover and invent things to help understand the world and how it works. One of those remarkable scholars was Eratosthenes of Cyrene who lived to be about eighty-two years old. Eratosthenes was born in Greece in a colony known as Cyrene now days called Shahhat, Lybia. He later on moved to live and work in the city of Alexandria. Eratosthenes was a man who excelled in many fields of studies such as geography, mathematics, history, poetry and others. Many of the works…

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  • Wind Patterns Lab Report

    To see the similarities and differences between wind patterns in the Northern and Southern Hemispheres alongside with explaining the major wind belts. Material: • Map of North America with longitude and latitude • Drawing compass Procedure: 1. View the map from the lab given. The map represents the barometric pressures at 5000 feet in North America on a precise day in February. 2. Use the Web to get another map of North America that covers the same approximate area shown in the map given in the…

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  • Sun Observation Report

    to the September/ March equinox. It then moves along to the December solstice. During the December solstice the sun rises to the south of the east and sets to the south of the west. Right after the December solstice the sun starts to drift back into its yearly cycle (Changing Sun, Changing Climate?, 2014). The sun repeats this process every year and this is how we get the different seasons. Depending on what area of the earth you are on there will be different outcomes. Anywhere around the…

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  • Hot And Cold Weather Compare And Contrast

    The variance is from waterskiing to surfing. Additionally just soaking up the cool water on the beach is popular. Air-conditioning is necessary in some areas. Not going out at all or going to the air-conditioned malls become common. Water is always required in this climate, as hydration needs consideration to keep the cramps away or worse heat stroke. Prevent Sunburn by using light clothing. Cold – During the cold weather, snow sports are a favorite. Skiing on the slopes or…

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  • Earth's Structure: A Qualitative Study

    Discussion The aim of this study was to investigate if age and gender are associated with children’s understanding of the earth’s structure. It was hypothesised that: older children will have a better scientific understanding of the structure of the earth compared to younger children, boys will have a better scientific understanding of the structure of the earth compared to girls, and younger children will construct different mental models of the earth compared to older children. The results of…

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  • Sherif Theory Of Social Judgement

    We were arguing from two very different ideas that fell into the opposite of each other’s latitude of acceptance. My latitude of acceptance – that there is a God, Jesus died for our sins, and that there is more than just this life – was Alan’s latitude of rejection. Whereas Alan’s latitude of acceptance – that science is all that there is and there’s nothing more after this life – was, and still is, my latitude of rejection. The biggest problem with our arguments was that neither one of us…

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  • Abiotic Factors Influencing The Distribution Of Biomes Case Study

    As discussed, the lower latitudes of the Hadley Cell and the ITCZ are humid low pressure areas where moist air is rising upwards from the equator, creating large amounts of precipitation, this is explained by Arbogast (2014). Like deserts, tropical rainforests can often be caused by a rain shadow, however rainforest are found on the opposite side of a mountain range to a desert. Research done by Edward K. Vizy and Kerry H. Cook (2006) explains an example of this in the Amazon Basin in South…

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