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  • Sphygmomanometer In Nursing

    There are many components when it comes to measuring Blood pressure in adults. It consists of indications and rationale for regarding blood pressure, specific equipment which vary in size due to field of nursing and finally guidelines for nursing practice. I am going to discuss sphygmomanometers which are used for blood pressure management and also the procedure in relation to adults (Jamieson, 2007). There are 3 main pieces of equipment also known as sphygmomanometers which are; Aneroid, Electronic and Mercury .The electronic sphygmomanometer is the piece of equipment which gives a measurement of the blood pressure. It is essential that the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. This is to ensure an accurate measure of the blood pressure.…

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  • Psychological Stress Test Case Study

    of the participants and they were told they were in direct competition with the other participants. They were also videotaped throughout the task and were told to watch themselves live on a television screen directly in front of them; the participants were informed that the tape would be assessed by “body language experts”. However, in reality, this did not happen. If the participants looked away from the television screen, the experimenter promoted them to redirect their attention back on the…

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  • Cultural Diversity In Ecuador

    "Abre la boca y cepillarse los dientes!" I exclaimed while demonstrating tooth brushing motions on a giant plastic mouth. The crowd of twenty Ecuadorian children looked up at me in amazement, and, following my directions, put their new toothbrush with toothpaste into their mouth, and started scrubbing their teeth. The kids ranged from 4 to 16 years old and for many this was their first time brushing their teeth. Afterward, it was the kids turn to teach us something. We sat in a circle and played…

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  • Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitoring System

    Unless you’re a hypochondriac or someone who goes to the doctor on a regular basis, you probably don’t check your blood pressure often—if at all. There are plenty of wireless blood pressure monitors on the market that work fairly well. If you want to keep track of your daily vitals, however, you’re going to have to manually store them. Sending your results to your physician will also have to be a manual chore. Nowadays, the digital route seems to be the way to go for keeping track of steps,…

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  • Sphygmomanometer Research Paper

    The sphygmomanometer is used to read our blood pressure. Many of us are aware of this medical machine because we get our blood pressure checked at the doctor’s office. This is important to us because it can let us know of any heart complications such as high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks, or kidney disease. All of these are preventable if caught in time with a doctor’s supervision and medication. Although many of us have seen this device there is a process to using this medical…

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  • Harvey's Theory Of Blood Pressure

    the measuring of the blood from the arteries so his theory could not be introduced to people. In 1847 the first recording of human blood pressure was recorded by Carl Ludwig. Carl inserted a catheter into a patient 's artery and hooked the catheter to a machine that was called the kymograph. “The kymograph used a U-shape tube with a quill attached to an ivory float that would sketch changes in pressure on a rotating drum” (When 2009). Now that scientists know that blood pressure can be…

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  • Health Screening Essay

    of a patient. 3. Pharmacists need to meet the needs of service specifications if they wish to provide diagnostic and screening services 4. A pharmacist must be able to diagnose the medical condition based on the lab investigations performed in a health screen. BLOOD PRESSURE:- Blood pressure is defined as force of blood exerted on the sides of blood vessels (arteries and veins) and is measured with a sphygmomanometer by systolic and diastolic components. Blood pressure may be high or low High-…

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  • Dr. Moreen Product Review: Digital Blood Pressure

    length 17, width 7.5, height 17, and weight 0.635. 3. B P DAIL/ANEROID/SPHYGMOMANOMETER Model No. SPG 03 • B P DAIL/ANEROID/SPHYGMOMANOMETER is a quality device that is used to measure blood pressure. It provides accurate results. • This blood pressure measuring devise do not contain mercury and is completely manual. • It is easy to operate and ensures best quality performance. • It is made from quality material and is durable. • It comes in a nylon carry case and is a light weight device.…

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  • Vital Signs Assessment Paper

    Procedure-blood pressure manual. Supplies needed: blood pressure cuff, sphygmomanometer and stethoscope 1. Position patient in conformable position with arm exposed, level with heart, palm up 2. Place appropriate size cuff 1 inch above the antecubital fossa. Cuff should be smooth, snug and attached to sphygmomanometer. 3. Place bell of stethoscope over the brachial artery and listen for pulse 4. Inflate cuff until you no longer hear pulse while watching sphygmomanometer 5. Slowly deflate blood…

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  • The Effect Of Music On Blood Pressure And Pulse Rate

    blood pressure and pulse rate is significant when considering the possible benefits of using music to assist in lowering anxiety or facilitating recovery. Methods and Materials In order to investigate the effect of music on blood pressure and pulse, a sphygmomanometer was used to measure the blood pressure and pulse of each subject at various points before, during, and after listen to music. The independent variable in this experiment is whether or not the subject is listening to music. The…

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