Health Screening Essay

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HEALTH is defined as a state of complete physical and social well being and merely the absence of a disease.
SCREENING refers to the examination of group of asymptomatic individuals to detect with high probability of a disease by a typical, inexpensive diagnostic test.
Screening tests sort out well persons who probably have disease from those who do not have.
Based on composition of health screen it is broadly classified in to three types:-
 Standard health screen
 Premium health screen
 Executive health screen
Standard health screen includes:-
• Blood glucose test
• Blood cholesterol test
• Blood pressure measurement and evaluation
• Body mass index
• Cardiac risk assessment
• Comprehensive urine examination
Premium health screen includes:-
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Find medical conditions and diseases
2. Learn about the risk of particular disease on our body
3. Help the early diagnosis of the diseases
4. No longer the patient is undiagnosed the more the effect of the disease
5. Also contributes the economic burden of the individual and early prevention of the disease
6. Health screening is very comprehensive, affordable, and very inexpensive.
1. Pharmacists have a tremendous scope in the practice of medicine now a days and is allowing to expand the medical community most proactively.
2. The most primary role of a pharmacist is to improve the quality of life of a patient.
3. Pharmacists need to meet the needs of service specifications if they wish to provide diagnostic and screening services 4. A pharmacist must be able to diagnose the medical condition based on the lab investigations performed in a health screen.
Blood pressure is defined as force of blood exerted on the sides of blood vessels (arteries and veins) and is measured with a sphygmomanometer by systolic and diastolic components.
Blood pressure may be high or low
High- Hypertension - more than 140/90 mm of Hg
Low- Hypotension - less than 110/70 mm of Hg
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It is a device which consists of an inflatable cuff and pressure monitor.
Basically sphygmomanometers are of two types. They are Manual and Digital .
MANUAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER is of two types - (Used in conjunction with stethoscope)

Aneroid: - It is a mechanical device with a dial and are common in use which require calibration .

Mercury: - these are considered to be the gold standard and are measured by the height of the mercury column which increases with the pressure. DIGITAL SPHYGMOMANOMETER

The blood pressure monitoring is done in three different ways. They are follows:-
 Ausculatory method
 Oscillatory method
 Intra arterial method


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