Geocentric model

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  • Earth's Structure: A Qualitative Study

    understanding of the structure of the earth compared to girls, and younger children will construct different mental models of the earth compared to older children. The results of the study supported the first hypothesis as the older group had a substantially higher percentage of sphere model responses compared to the younger group. The results did not support the second hypothesis as the percentages of sphere model responses…

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  • The Heliocentric Model: The Geocentric Theory In Ancient Greece

    Geocentric Model The geocentric model is a theory developed by philosophers in Ancient Greece which explained the universe structure where Earth is at the orbital centre of all celestial bodies. In the 4th century BC, Plato and Aristotle published studies based on geocentrism and believed that Earth was stationary at the centre of the solar system, and stars and planets rotated around the Earth on concentric spheres arranged in the order: Moon, Sun, Venus, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and the…

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  • Social Factors And Social Influences On Eating Behavior

    There are many factors that affect eating behavior in humans ranging from environmental to mood to social influences. The extent of these factors nor the magnitude of their effect on eating behavior is not completely understood. Significant amounts of research has been done in this area of study, culminating in various different models proposed by researcher that seek to explain just one these factors. This paper seeks to describe and evaluate how well one of these models, the normative model…

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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship Proposal

    which I suggested you as faculty mentors. The proposal I presented consists on developing theory-based and data-driven models of health complexity for contributing to the health theoretical development, providing coherence and context to fragmented evidence of health practice, and bringing closer health theory and facts. I briefly described this proposal in my application according to supplemental questions made by the program. The proposal is framed by formulations of health theories which…

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  • Social Normative Model Analysis

    Polivy and Roth’s (2003) normative model attempts to explain how social factors influence food intake, specifically focusing on social facilitation, modeling, and impression-management. Models are incredibly helpful within scientific research as they allow for scientists to compile current data and propose frameworks to explain various behaviors. However, some models lack comprehensive explanations and require additional modification in order to accurately describe the potential causes of…

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  • Gm Case Study Assignment

    attendance and new vision and strategies some of GM weakness are high cost and car recalls due to issues like the one described in this case study (Jureviciu, 2013). When it comes to what behavioral organizational model that GM used in this case study, it would appear as though they used the custodial model (Clark, 2015). This model is based on economic resources and places the managerial orientation on money. As a result, employees are oriented towards security, benefits, and dependence on the…

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  • Advanced Apms Case Study

    CMS offers the Advanced Alternative Payment Models (APMs) program as a difference option to MIPS. And if you qualify for an Advanced APM, then you don’t have to report MIPS data. Then you would receive a lump sum payment amounting to 5 percent of your Medicare Part B fee-for-service payments for the previous year rather than receiving a payment adjustment on your Medicare charges. That means being included in an Advanced APM also removes the threat of a negative adjustment that is part of the…

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  • Jean Paul Gaultier Advertisement Analysis

    Male” by Jean Paul Gaultier, and the two ads that we chose are pictured below. Our task was to analyze the “gayness” of the advertisement, and therefore to also analyze what wasn’t gay about it. To do this, we collectively did research about the history of the content of the ads, the brand and the creator of it, and the models used. Lastly, we analyzed the aesthetics of the ad to pull it all together, using subtle or not so subtle visual clues to further support our hypothesis that these ads did…

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  • Persuasive Plastic Surgery

    “You define beauty for yourself; society doesn’t define your beauty” (Lady Gaga). Beauty is viewed as being as those small models that are seen in magazines. Beauty is viewed as having the perfect figure that feels acceptable with today’s society. Beauty is viewed as having the perfect face that requires spending hundreds of dollars. Everyone has grown up in a society that has defined how “beautiful” one is, and has begun to accept that. At one point in life, every individual questions whether…

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  • Modeling HIV/Aids

    the source if one wanted to find out more information for a given topic. Example of such situation is at the end of section “Improving the modelling of HIV transmission” where Johnson is finishing the section with a reference to Garnett and Bowden paper for further information. The main work that Johnson is building his conclusions on is The ASSA 2000 Suite of models. He mentions it at the beginning of section 4, “Improving the modelling of HIV transmission”. On top of the publications made by…

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