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  • The Role Of Morgan Le Fay Changed In Vita Merlini And King Arthur?

    Morgan le Fay is one of the Arthurian Legends and is known for being an evil enchantresses and a witch. Morgan le Fay’s legend goes that she is the half-sister of King Arthur. Morgan le Fay uses her lover, Accolon to steal King Arthur’s sword when this plan does not go as accordingly she throws the sword into the lake. Morgan le Fay is also considered a healer because in Vita Merlini by Geoffrey Monmouth she heals King Arthur’s wounds from the last battle of Calman but the only way that she can heal her brother is if he stays. Morgan le Fay’s character has changed in many literary works because it gives a different perspective of her and the two texts that show this is Vita Merlini and King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table. The details in Vita Merlini and King Arthur: Tales of the Round Table both include Morgan le Fay’s character changing. In Vita Merlini, the details mentions Geoffrey of Monmouth characterizes Morgan le Fay has the ruler of Avalon and that her brother, King Arthur is…

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  • King's Claudiocester: Unity And Harmony

    roll-maker wished to demonstrate how a Queen should both be and act in order to support the peace and harmony of the nation, and to demonstrate that a woman’s correct place was to support her husband. The roll-maker selected women to include if they played a part in establishing the legal, cultural, and social heritage of the contemporary times. The roll-maker notes that, according to some chroniclers, Marcia, the wife of King Guthelin, reigned for twelve years. Despite this, the text mainly…

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  • Geoffrey Of Monmouth: The Legend Of King Arthur

    Geoffrey of Monmouth was a English Bishop and author that wrote the Historia regum Britanniæ (History of the Kings of Britain). His works combine the earlier single tales into one grandiose one. Although all the key features of earlier stories are there, the components are sometimes not the same. For instance, Geoffrey states around book VIII chapter one “To your own ruin did you prove a traitor to their father, and invite the Saxons into the island. You invited them for your safeguard; but they…

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  • King Arthur Superstition

    King Arthur was, by all accounts, considered the once and future king of Britain. He was noted for his chivalry and military skill. His knights were the epitome of glamor and gallantry. (“King Arthur and”). There were several versions of this classic tale. In each version the betrayal of his wife, Guinevere, and his most trusted knight, Lancelot and his relative, Mordred are key elements of his demise. However, the tale ends on a happy note. Though dead Arthur was delivered by fairies to the…

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  • Compare And Contrast Molly Pitcher And The Battle Of Sharon

    The Battle of Monmouth and Molly Pitcher There was not a decisive victory during the June 28th 1778 Battle of Monmouth for the Continental Army or the British forces due to the toxic leadership of Major General Charles Lee and many of the British forces suffering from heat related injuries. It was not one of the bloodiest battles of the revolutionary war; there were only around two hundred and thirty casualties’ total, and ninety-six of those where from heat stroke due to the heat wave…

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  • Early Medieval Literature

    Before long, stories of Arthur, his Round Table, and his famed brotherhood of knights took off. Many years later, the legends and tales told by the bards, together with the romantic and courtly tales of King Arthur, were eventually written down and made into a book form, becoming the first written compilation or embodiment of medieval literature (Alchin). According to Leah Shopkow, a History professor at the Indiana University, Geoffrey of Monmouth, a Welsh author and cleric, was the main…

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  • Jane Eyre And The Wife Of Bath Analysis

    A Tragic Caricature of Women: Parallels Struck Concerning the Marginalization of Women in Jane Eyre and The Wife of Bath’s Prologue Scholars coined the term “protofeminist” to describe those who advocated for advancements in women’s rights before the existence of the feminist movement, leading to the definition of feminism to be moulded over time. There have been arguments in favour of the Wife of Bath — one of the protagonists in Geoffrey Chaucer’s Canterbury Tales — being one of the first…

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  • Moral Values In The Canterbury Tales

    Throughout history, there have been several pieces of literature that are remembered for their educational and recreational value. One of these highly acclaimed pieces of work is The Canterbury Tales. Geoffrey Chaucer composed a thrilling frame tale that includes multiple stories within the plot, which encompass several different values that were essential to have when this book was written. Chaucer included 20 different stories into one, with drastic variations of moral and ethical values.…

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  • Analysis Of The Wife Of Bath's Tale

    An eerie and enchanting world full of mystical creatures can be characterized by two words: fairy tale. We have all heard of the talking animals and evil witches that seem to appear in most of them. They have been around for quite a long time and one fairy tale can be traced as far back as the 9th century. Along with the entertainment they provide, fairy tales also serve to teach a lesson. Many of those lessons we have heard throughout our whole lives. There is one tale that could be considered…

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  • Negative Effects Of The Pardoner's Tale

    In Geoffrey Chaucer’s collections of stories, The Canterbury Tales, a group of pilgrims traveling to the shrine of St. Thomas Beckett tell each other stories containing different moral connotations. One such fable, The Pardoner’s Tale, is narrated by a licensed pardoner, who explains the evils of one of his main faults: greed; a vice that has indeed made him wealthy, but has done so at the expense of others. The story, although directed towards greed, is also important as a warning against any…

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