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  • Bruny Island Topography

    reasoning behind the different trends in the datasets. As Bruny Island experiences (a general) North-Westerly wind direction, it became evident that vegetation and the topography of one sand dune transect would impose an effect on the recorded wind speed (or velocity) readings. The results associated with the data collected has confirmed this theory. Unfortunately, there is many limitations of the dataset that hindered on the overall quality of the results; especially those associated with the…

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  • Remote Patient Monitoring: A Case Study

    that use a cameras that able to capture pictures of travelling vehicles license plates and calculate the speed of that vehicle and cars. The ANPR is used to time vehicles between at least two or more fixed cameras that knowing the distance apart than calculating the average speed according to the speed = (distance / time ) , as for longer distance over that drivers excessed he the speed would prevent from slowing down momentarily for a camera before speeding up again and the newer…

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  • Super Car Science Project

    project, you will see aerodynamics, drag, and wind speed do its process on cars. In my experiment,on each car, there are streamers on them.When my wind tunnel turns on, streamers that fly everywhere will represent drag, and streamers that stick to the car will represent aerodynamics. In real life, they use smoke to figure out where drag is.Sometimes, they will put streamers on the car and use this method to determine drag, aerodynamics, and wind speed. Aerodynamics is what allow cars to go…

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  • Importance Of Sprinting

    a limited period of time. It is a form of running involving going very short distances in very small amounts of time. The act or an instance of sprinting, especially a short race at top or full speed. In running, swimming, cycling or rowing, it is a burst of speed of activity to move rapidly or at top speed for a brief period. Stages of Sprinting 1. Drive When the sprinter bursts from a dead still position into a sprint, the drive phase is beginning. The sprinter begins in a crouched position…

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  • Snowpea Case Summary

    mean speed for the 25 samples in the new hires was 42.46 with a standard deviation of 7.41. For the second deliveryman data, the mean speed for the 18 samples in the new hires was 48.15…

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  • Crew Carwash Case Study

    For Crew Carwash I have identified three main issues that is going to harm the company in the near future or is currently harming them. These three issues consist of maintenance training, speed of service being a bigger focus than quality, and technology utilization. There are multiple ways Crew can approach these issues to try and overcome their short comings in these areas and lead the company towards the future to help them reach their vision of being the service industry leader. Maintenance…

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  • Super Power Research Paper

    speed.Super speed allows you to do basically anything you want, travel lengthy distances in seconds, being able to doa huge amount of activities in short periods of time and you'd basically be unbeatable in any kind of combat. But the super speed I'm talking about would include some side effects in your body as well, but before moving on to that, how fast would you be? The super speed I'm talking about would allow you to travel at the speed of light; you'd be able to endure such speed as you'd…

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  • Big Travel Theory

    killed his parents before he was born, then how did he get born to travel back in time to kill his parents in the first place? (Kaku, n.d.) In addition, in order to travel back in time, one must travel faster than the cosmic speed limit. Suppose it’s possible to exceed light’s speed, travelling to the past is somehow logically impossible. A time traveller cannot travel to a…

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  • Wi-Fi Has An Important Role In Wireless Networks

    protocols and how it works in different situations. The most recent Wi-Fi protocol that this report will focus on is, 802.11ac, also known to be the next generation for wireless networks to be equipped with new technologies that could provide faster speeds, capacity, and range. The predecessor, 802.11n, wireless protocol had lower limitation of its full potential to keep the ever growing need of today’s wireless demand. 802.11n lacked the support of the increasing number of devices on the same…

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  • Mobile Transmission Essay

    this paper is to get a better understanding of how mobile transmission has evolved and where it will go in the future. Also get a better understanding of how the major phone companies transmit there data and voice while constantly upgrading the data speeds. The final thing I want to learn from writing this…

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