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  • The Importance Of Writing As An Art

    class I now realize that the draft process is kind of antiquated. The draft process is obviated by the ability to just cut and paste whole paragraphs of material and rearrange it, read it, and then put it back if it’s wrong. Now my writing process is different. I just put the work away for a while and come back to it and read it with a fresh mind. I see things I didn’t see before and I also can get confused by my own clunky paragraphs so that, with this new fresh perspective, I can alter them to make the paragraphs and ideas flow better! By no means am I perfect at this part of the writing process and having a more organized and less organic revision process is one area that I would like to improve. Due to word processing programs and the spell check feature, the art of writing is not quite as labor intensive as it used to be. Using a quill pen by candlelight and spending hours re-writing an entire page due to one spelling error is thankfully now a thing of the past. Ironically back then (pre-Spellcheck) poor spelling was a serious faux pas. Now, half the e-mails and Facebook posts have spelling and grammar errors despite the Spellcheck feature! Technology has created a lazy society in many areas, and the spelling and grammar check has created a generation of people who are just plain bad at spelling English and I am guilty as charged! One area I intend on mastering is spelling. Although it may not seem like an actual process of writing, spelling correctly indirectly is!…

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  • Technology In The Classroom Essay

    With adding technology to the classroom these disorders can be very helpful to students who suffer from these disorders. Different example are Spell Check, Grammar Check, online dictionaries, audio books and Paper Rater. I personally know the struggle of having difficulty reading and writing. I know having these resources have truly helped me in both reading and writing. Before I always had issues with my spelling and it would really effect my grades, when we were able to use computers and the…

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  • Finn Mikaelson-Personal Narrative

    Caroline is my maid of honor and Bonnie. Rebekah and Hayley are my bridesmaids. The best men are Kol, Niklaus, Elijah, Matt, Tyler and Jeremy while Alaric is giving me away, and Esther is going to be doing a soul connection spell to bind mine and Finns for all of eternity. Finn won 't tell where we are going for our honeymoon because he always loves to surprise me even though he knows I hate them. Finn along with our siblings and our friends with the help of sheriff Forbes put down Damon and…

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  • King Rathmar's Diary From 'Bram Stoker'

    front of me. The strange man took off his cloak and said, ‘I am Harry’. For a while I have been trying to find a way out of this darkness, a way to be free and after years of searching and searching, I have finally found the answer. This book tells about a place that can get rid of all evil and restore the area. But I needed you to do it. Only a roal is able to cast this spell, he said, ‘will you please help me on this quest to restore and take back what is ours”. I said, “ I am a woman of my…

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  • Why Is Writing So Important?

    Forget the image of the lone developer, sitting alone in a room coding on a Matrix-like black and green screen. No matter the code produced, developers need to be not only good oral communicators, they must also be able to write well. But we all struggle to use the language correctly and in a business where teams have developers with different native languages (my first language is Portuguese) we all need some help. In this post, I 'll provide an overview of some techniques and tools that…

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  • Fact Checking

    I want to preface my discussion with firstly expressing gratitude for being one of several news outlets that strive to keep the audience informed during the presidential race. This year has been without a doubt an exciting one for both news consumers and journalists alike. Never before have we witnessed what is arguably one of the most influential positions in the world be challenged by two individuals that are not particularly liked by many people. New York Times has not only been one of my…

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  • Pentadic Analysis Example

    A Pentadic Analysis When analyzing a pentad, numerous approaches can be taken, depending upon one 's intent. The terms are simplistic and easy to understand, yet their range is far. All terms are necessarily ambiguous, because they overlap into one another. Through the use of a pentadic analysis I will discuss three distinct issues. First, I will define the five pentadic elements of an analysis of the artifact. Second, I will weigh the five elements against one another and identify the…

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  • Our Semi-Illiterate Youth? Not So Fast Analysis

    That although it might have presented new challenges since it’s debut, like being reliant to spell-checkers, calculators and GPS. It has also without a doubt also solved some challenges in the past, like spelling, quantum physics calculations, and helping mom with getting to her destiny accurately. But we can all agree, regardless of which position you take on this matter, that technology and social media has brought upon a whole new level of writing engagement. I’m sure English professors…

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  • Does Texting Affect Writing? By Michaela Cullington

    Likewise, when an individual is dependent on a spell checker, it will weaken their ability to spell. Many, even after graduating from high school or college, do not practice writing formally, or sometimes the job that they take up does not require them to write formally. Texting, on the other hand, is widely practiced among graduates and others. As time passes, the lack of practice in formal writing among graduates weakens their ability to write and take up texting skills instead. Thus,…

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  • The Negative Effects Of Texting On The English Language

    to lead to a decline in real life daily social interactions. People in society tend to linger on their phones rather than engage in real life conversations. However, none of these negative aspects associated with texting contradict the thesis of this essay, which only discusses the relationship between texting and English literature. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h79V_qUp91M) The only aspect of text messaging which clearly has a negative correlation with the English language is the use of…

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