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  • Do Storm Chasers Measure The Speed Of A Tornado

    For my essay, I am going to write about tornadoes. My question is how do storm chasers measure the speed of a tornado? The first topic I will be telling you about is the F scale. Did you know the person who invented the F scale went to the University of Chicago. The second topic is about tornadoes and about 1,200 tornadoes hit the U.S. each year. My final topic is over storm chasers. I learned that storm chasers park southeast of the tornado because usually it is the safest place to park. There…

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  • The Japanese Railway Investigation Industry

    As a body which was set to oversee development of the railway system, the Railway Investigation Office had the main function of carrying out studies, applying the results gotten from the studies and testing out the materials. In 1913, it became known as the Research Institute before it was restructured in 1942 as the Railway Technical Research Institute. The standards of the railway in Japan had fallen behind those of other railways around the world by 1945 (Seojima 5). This realization prompted…

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  • Why Do Teenagers Need Speed Demons?

    Speed Demons Imagine a teenager announces that she passed her written test and received her driver’s permit. An experienced driver’s first reaction is to tell the teenager to announce when she will be on the road so they can stay off of it. When teenagers first become participants in the driving world, they favor speed; as a result, few people trust them. Teenagers are not mature enough to take on the road at 15 ½, because of this, an increase in the minimum age required to receive a learner’s…

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  • Analysis Of Business @ The Speed Of Thought By Bill Gates

    In the book " Business @the speed of Thought, Bill Gates discussed many projects which will be available in the twenty first century. The new projects will be the part of our daily life and will have a direct influence on our lives. One of the fields where the new technologies will be efficient is a Medical field. In chapter 19, " No health care system is an island" Bill Gates discuses the future aspects of the medical information system, which will reduce the costs of the medical treatment…

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  • Bill Gates Business At The Speed Of Thinking Summary

    Bill Gates to the world is the richest man alive. The reasons he exceeds in business are in his book, Business @ the Speed of Thought. The book was released around 1999, when all businesses began to grow exponentially. This book was also on the New York Times bestseller list in 1999. Bill Gates discusses many ways of how modern technology will be the future of businesses. In the very first chapter, Bill Gates confers of what businesses should do with information. By establishing a digital…

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  • The Negative Impact Of The Transcontinental Railroad

    Specific Purpose: To inform my audience about the impact of Transcontinental Railroad that it had on people living in those regions. Central Idea/Thesis Statement: The Transcontinental Railroad allowed many communities to flourish, it allowed people to travel more easily but it also ended up resettling much of the population. INTRODUCTION I. Today if anybody decided to travel they would either do it with a car or plane but once upon time the train was the most reliable option. II. The…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Driving Above The Speed Limit

    Driving above the speed is not only dangerous but also something that has to be handled nation wide. Deaths have risen in recent years because of drivers who carelessly don't look at their speed limits or the speed they are driving at. It is not only important for one's life but for other people's lives, their families, their vehicles. People don't seem to understand they are putting so much more at risk than just themselves. Nearly 1.3 million people die in road crashes each year, on average…

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  • Compare The Burning Speed Of Scented And Unscented Candles

    Burn, Baby, Burn: Comparing the burning speed of scented and unscented candles This experiment was performed to compare how quickly a scented and an unscented candle will burn. The tests were done by comparing the length that the candles will burn in 30 minutes - using unscented, rose scented and apple scented candles. Hypothesis: Unscented candles burn more quickly than scented candles. Overview: Candles Candles are a convenient way of providing light and heat when no electricity is…

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  • Decline Of General Aviation

    The Decline of General Aviation Airports The Rise of General Aviation In the early days of aviation, aviators were limited to flying during daylight hours, in near ideal weather conditions. Early pilots were not regulated as they are today, and would take off and land their aircraft in any flat open area, often a farmer’s grassy field, which allowed them to choose their direction relative to the prevailing winds. As aviation grew, pilots began to congregate in common areas, which allowed for…

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  • I Wanted To Run Faster Than The Speed Of Hope In A Mockingbird Analysis

    Quote-”I wanted to run faster than the speed of sound, but nobody, no matter how much pain they’re in, can run that fast. So I heard the boom of my father’s rifle when he shot my bestfriend.” Page 14, Chapter 2 Arnold doesn’t come across much hope in the reservation, between his differences and the hopelessness shared between everyone. Arnold’s dog was his one of the only ounces of hope in his life. When his dad went to shoot the dog, it was like taking away a part of Arnold, but Arnold believed…

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