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  • Who Is Speedy Gonzales: A Town Hero?

    It was a cold Mexico night and speedy gonzales was sitting there in a box on the east of downtown Mexico City and Speedy Gonzales was just sitting in a box with a cup of coins and it was just a normal night for him. He once was a hero a town favorite but he shouldn't have done what he done you're probably wondering what he did well let's just go back a few years. (8 years earlier). “Yayyyyyyy Speedy Gonzales saved the day for guatemala a few bandits tried stealing the banks money with three hostages speedy took actions into his own hands and saved the money the people and the people now back to you Debra.” Now speedy gonzales was a town hero everyone loved him he started guatemala and mexico city then all around mexico city but he had a choice…

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  • I Am Free Of All Prejudice Essay

    "I am free of all prejudice. I hate everyone equally. " - W.C. Prejudice is having an unfavorable opinion about someone before hand. There are many different types of prejudice that are present in the United States. The hardest thing to overcome in my opinion would be racism. Racism can be viewed as discrimination or believing that all people of that race will possess specific traits. Racism has been a problem for many years. Racism is something that is taught. When a baby is born he/she has…

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  • Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal

    Hillary Clinton is one of the most well known Democrats and with that territory comes being subject multiple scandals. This has given her the reputation of being untrustworthy and a liar, a reputation she doesn 't really deserve. In this article I will debunked some of the top four Hilary Clinton scandals which have hurt her this campaign. Hillary 's Email Scandal Since the beginning of the 2016 election cycle, Hilary 's deleted and emails and use of a private server have been the subject…

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  • Necessary And Proper Clause Case Study

    One court case utilizing the Necessary and Proper Clause is Gonzales v. Raich. In this case, Angel Raich fought for the legalization of medical marijuana. Raich suffered from various chronic illnesses. Her doctors tried numerous treatments in hopes that Raich would go into remission; however, their attempts were to no avail. The only hope that remained was for her to bring her concerns to the court so that she could possibly tolerate her illnesses with the help of an illegal drug used for…

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  • Rehnquist Court Era Analysis

    The Rehnquist Court Era ended in 2005 with his death in Arlington, Virginia. His influence on the Court has been one of the most palatable of the last century. Rehnquist was the fourth longest serving Chief Justices in U.S. history. His confirmation was not met without controversy. Yet once on the court he proved himself to be beloved by his colleagues and as Chief Justice was able to shape the direction of the court throughout his tenure. Throughout his time on the nation’s highest court he…

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  • Gibbons Vs Ogden Analysis

    I am Richard (Rich) Barker, I live in Granbury TX, just outside of Fort Worth. I have a passion for history and learning from scholars who provide both sides of an argument. To learn and understand our nation’s history and hopefully apply that knowledge in my future endeavors as a history teacher. Was the “Age of Jackson” truly the “Era of the Common Man?” This depends on your point of view. When viewing the ruling brought down from the courts during this time, not all of the common man…

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  • The Commerce Clause

    Exam 1 Essay: the Commerce Clause Since it was first established in the Constitution, the commerce clause found in Article I, Section 8 has “permit[ted] Congress ‘[t]o regulate commerce with foreign Nations, and among the several States, and with the Indian Tribes’” (Miller and Jentz 33). The real meaning of this, however, has over time, and through numerous cases changed. The one part which importance has probably changed the most, is the effects doctrine. According to Roger LeRoy Miller and…

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  • The Case Of National Association Of Bros V. United States (2015)

    National Association of Bros v. United States (2015) In The PLAY Act of 2015, Congress made it a federal offense “for individuals aged 18 through 35 to play video games for more than 8 hours per week” citing their Commerce Clause and taxing those who choose to play over the allotted 8 hours per week through their Taxing and Spending Clause. Although, Congress has passed many laws in the name of both the Commerce Clause and the Taxing and Spending Clause, we the court must define which activities…

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  • Pragmatism In Raich V. Gonzales

    The question presented to the Supreme Court in Raich v. Gonzales is whether or not the Commerce Clause affords Congress the power to ban the growth, use, and sale of marijuana under the Controlled Substances Act and whether it can enforce that act against ill people whose doctors prescribed to them medical marijuana as a remedy. Writing for the majority in that case, Justice John Paul Stevens employed Justice Breyer’s strand of pragmatism. The premise of that approach is that the Constitution…

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  • How To Regulate Recreational Marijuana

    into three broad categories of activities that Congress can regulate. Of those three, categories number two and three and of particular relevance[Gilman, Graber, Whittington, 640-647]. “Second, Congress is empowered to regulate and protect the instrumentalities of interstate commerce, or persons or things in interstate commerce, even though the threat may only come from intrastate activities…. Finally, Congress’ commerce authority include the power to regulate those activities having a…

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