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  • Congo Red Lab Report

    77.4K by nitrogen adsorption isotherm using Micromerities ASAP2010.was used to calculate the specific surface areas of The value of specific surface area of ZnO and ZnO/CR samples determined from the method Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET)[13]. Scanning electron microscopy/Energy-dispersive X-ray spectroscopy employed to analyze the size, morphology and structures of the ZnO and ZnO/CR nanoparticles. The elemental analysis of both ZnO and ZnO/CR were determined by SEM-EDS using ZAF method standardless quantitative analysis [14]. The crystal structure of ZnO and ZnO/CR was investigated by X-ray diffraction (XRD)using = 0.1542 nm and 2 values started from 10 to 80. In addition the structural properties of ZnO and ZnO/CR were analyzed by Shimadzu FTIR spectrometer (from400 to 4000 cm-1) at room temperature. pH values measured by pH meter (HANNA). Perkin Elmer Lambda 35,UV–vis spectrophotometer was used for determining [MB] and [CR] samples employing the standard calibration curve of MB and CR at the maximum wavelengths 665 nm and 495nm, respectively. Uptake Procedures Specific procedures were performed to study the uptake of MB onto the surface of ZnO and /or ZnO/CR as an adsorbents .Known amount (1g) of each MB and CR dyes dissolved in 1L of H2O to prepare their stock solutions which used for preparing the Standard calibration curves and carryout adsorption experiments using specific mass of ZnO and or/ZnO/CR. During the batch experiments, sample solutions were added to…

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  • Unit 1 Swimming Research Paper

    At first, as I was examining the image of the swimmer, I thought about determining the area between the swimmer’s legs. At first, I thought that I could relate it to the area of a triangle, but later acquired the fact that the side length and height of an isosceles triangle cannot be equivalent, which meant that the area of a triangle would not fit this image. Figure 2 Created in Microsoft Paint In Figure 2, I have attempted to display an isosceles triangle to put in place of the swimmer's…

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  • Alka Seltzer Experiment

    surface area vs rate of time Introduction: In the investigation an experiment is conducted investigate if the breaking of alka seltzer into ½, ¼ and none effect the time it dissolves. The context of the problem is the time it dissolves to have the medicine show its effect. This problem exist in real life as people take alka seltzer to relief heartburn, acid digestion and stomach aches. This experiment would benefit society because it informs the society the better way of consuming medicine or…

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  • Communal Areas

    Communal Areas Cleaning London Do you own a large commercial property, student property, flat share or office block? If you do, then you will have to address cleaning communal areas. The reason is because you must provide residents or visitors to such property with healthy living conditions that stand up to certain standards. You could try and take on such task on your own, but odds are it will be too large a job. By outsourcing the job to a communal areas cleaning company, you can take the…

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  • Why I Want To Pursue My Bachelor's Degree

    simply by breaking these readings into smaller portions and not allowing myself to become overwhelmed with the 75 pages that are required to be read and discussed. Organization is a must for me and by having a planner with all my assignments listed has helped me tremendously by allowing me to stay abreast of what is currently expected as well as aware of future assignments. Devoting time to actually absorb what I have learned is important to me, as well as staying current with what chapters I…

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  • Counter Euclid's Elements

    describing the nature of scope of meaning of a specific term. (‘Define’) Euclid’s first definition is, “a point is that which has no part”(22). In modern science, numerous theories have been developed and many studies have been conducted that would prove Euclid’s statement to be false. Due to theories not being scientific fact, one cannot blankly state that Euclid’s definition is incorrect, however depending upon the individual, the definition of a point seems to be too simplistic to be…

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  • Brazil Pronunciation Report

    what NDVI is and how it is derived and then analysing the specific results of Brazil. NDVI stands for Normalised Difference Vegetation Index and usually derived from satellite data, for landsat data this is usually thirty metres above the ground, to classify land cover change over a continental scale (DeFries and Townshend, 1994). When light hits a leaf part of the light spectrum is reflected back to the observer (Peñuelas and Filella, 1998:1) and the NDVI is calculated using two variables from…

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  • Mudboils In Tully Valley

    Discussion: Mudboils cause structural failures since they are suspensions of gravel, clay, silt and fine sand creating an unstable surface. Since the beginning of persistent mudboil activity in the 1970’s, natural landscapes and engineered features have become subject to land-subsidence as mudoils continually deteriorate the areas in their path (Tresohlavy 2003, pp. 27). Petroleum pipeline rerouting, telephone cable burials, and the collapse of bridges have demonstrated the true capabilities of…

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  • Stream Team And The Importance Of Turbidity In Water

    units. Turbidity can go no higher than 1 NTU in at least 95 percent of the daily samples for two consecutive months. The website does not say why the turbidity should not go above 5 neohelometrics.(Oram) Turbidity is caused by particles suspended or dissolved in water that scatter light, making the water appear cloudy or murky. Sources include soil erosion, waste discharge, urban runoff, eroding stream banks, large numbers of bottom feeders (which stir up sediments), and excessive algae growth.…

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  • Classroom Environment Essay

    the students with different learning tools and stimuli in an area that does not feel overcrowded or cluttered. Children should be provided with an environment that is not over crowded with too many students and not enough resources- something that can be difficult in certain school systems. Overall the indoor environment for learning is one of the most important aspects of a child’s educational experience. The class observed in this paper was located in Elon Elementary School. It was a class for…

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