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  • Sanctuary Asia Ad Analysis

    in the next twenty-five years as a consequence of deforestation. A print ad, made by a leading wildlife organization in India, Sanctuary Asia, graphically illustrates what it means to cut down forests and jungles. The ad shows a cheetah lying on top of a large tree branch. More importantly, the cheetah and the branch are cut perfectly down the center, leaving half of a dead cheetah corpse on a chopped piece of wood. At the bottom, there is a slogan and the organization’s name. This ad is meant to convey the message that for each jungle we cut down to promote monetary growth, we are killing the animals that live inside of that ecosystem. Each detail of this ad points to an underlying theme and has a deeper meaning. The illustrator designed the ad so that the chopped tree and cheetah corpse would be the focus of the reader 's attention. He placed what was left of the cheetah and branch in the direct center, because it immediately catches the reader 's eyes. Looking at the picture at first glance, one is able to see how graphicness of the picture and can automatically see visualize the problem at hand. The muscle and bone of the cheetah is visible which shows the seriousness of the problem. On the cut tree branch, we notice how there is blood trickling down. Not only is this a tactic to grab attention, but it also shows how the blood leaves a stain. This blood stains the wood and displays the lasting effects that deforestation has on the ecosystem. Moreover, it will be very…

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  • My Experience In Criminal Investigation

    PROFILE A highly energetic, versatile and professional, criminal investigator with over 8 years experience in the British Army. Extensively trained and experienced in conducting serious and complex criminal investigations encompassing civil, international and military law. Particularly effective within the fields of preserving and recovering evidence, interviewing suspects and witnesses, preparing reports and disclosure. KEY TECHNICAL SKILLS • Problem Solving: I am a methodical problem solver,…

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  • Killing Tree Descriptive Writing

    Malicious A twisted tree trunk protrudes out of the silt like earth, covered in crude knots and lanky dead branches; the trunk hovers over the small stretch of land it sits upon. The rough, callous bark of the foreboding tree a dark hazel splattered with sections of sunken grooves. A shadow casts upon the intruding tree, darkening the bottom section of the once splendid trunk to a sinister shade of black. The upper top half on the trunk splintered, as if its own structure and size had betrayed…

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  • Personal Essay: The Evolution Of The Cedar Tree

    sprouts, or another branch grows to the foundation of my tree. In Their Eyes Were Watching God, Janie mocks a similar cycle where her life is one big tree, and each new person she meets and place she goes causes her tree to grow. Janie starts off the book in a place called Eatonville, where her seed was planted and her roots and trunk were established. Janie’s life growing up was spent with her grandmother, who was constantly telling her from a young age how important it was for her to marry a…

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  • The Polyphagous Shot Hole Borer (PSHB)

    Each tree will be examined for dieback branch that causes by beetles and fungus. Furasium dieback will be recorded in four levels: Level 0 is when the tree shows no symptoms of branch dieback. If 1% to 25% of branch in the tree shows symptoms for branch dieback, the tree is considered to be in level 1. [2] Level 2 happens when 26% to 50% of branch in the tree shows the symptoms. [2] More than 50% of tree branches of the entire tree shows dieback symptoms will be considered as level 3. [2] An…

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  • Suggested Headline: Are Your Cemetery Trees Safety Risk?

    warning signs to look for in unhealthy trees. How to Visually Inspect Trees to Reduce Risk • Always wear protective gear when inspecting a potentially hazardous tree. • Start from the ground up. • Begin examining the roots. Look for: o Ground heaving up o Severed roots o Signs of decay or fungi, such as mushrooms • Then move to the root’s collar, the area of the trunk just above the soil. Look for: o Peeling or loose bark o Cracks or deep slits in the tree • Now scrutinize the rest of the…

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  • What Is Freedom?

    to most of us but not all of us by opportunity. They could be anything from eating and drinking when or what we want to giving a life or taking a life. They may be regulated by availability, government, or maybe even just how we were physically born. Farther up the tree freedom branches out into so many different aspects of life governed by so many other factors it’s impossible to define. These branches will contain freedoms that not everyone can or will have. This could be freedom caused by…

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  • The Skeletons Illusory Performance Analysis

    The Skeletons’ Illusory Performance (Palace Museum), is an ink and colors on silk painting produced by the artist Li Song in the 13th century. This painting has the dimensions of a width of 10 5/8 inches by a height of 10 ⅜ inches. The painting is showing with minute brushstrokes a woman holding a child sitting next to a skeleton playing with a puppet of a smaller skeleton and a child and woman facing them mesmerized by the puppet. The brushstrokes are very difficult to see from afar, but as it…

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  • Morphology: A Short Story

    When thinking of a tree, it is easy to imagine a strong plant, established firmly into the soil, with a thick substantial trunk and vast outreaching branches. However, what does not typically come to mind is a scrawny seedling, with its new roots hardly ingrained into the soil. One with a toothpick of a trunk that is struggling to support itself. The fact of the matter is that every tremendous tree started as a measly sapling, but not every sapling is able to grow into a tree. The forest can be…

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  • The Branch Davidians: A Psychological Analysis

    foot-in-the-door to manipulate individuals and control their thoughts as seen in the cults Jonestown and The Branch Davidians. Cults are defined as an ideology of religious worship and adherence directed toward a particular figure or object. Cults are everywhere. Some are normal and widely accepted. Others are isolationist and hide from investigation. Some cause great suffering while others appear very helpful and valuable. Whichever group it is, the ultimate end is in the leader's discretion.…

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