Metropolitan Police Service

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  • Metropolitan Police Service Essay

    I believe that the UK 's Metropolitan Police Service are institutionally racist to a small extent in the sense that even though have learnt some lessons from the MacPherson report on the Inquiry into the murder of Stephen Lawrence and have tried to implement MacPherson 's recommendations into their system; they still have issues regarding to the amount the stop and searched on BME’s. However, one of MacPherson’s recommendations was to increase the amount of black and ethnic minority officers in the force, and the Metropolitan Police Service has done so to a small extent whereby they increased the number of black and ethnic minority of officers from been 2% in 1993 to over 4% by the end of 2008. The target has since been abandoned…

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  • Evolution Of Policing Essay

    academic research and literature concerning the evolution of policing and the Police within a democracy. Initially, it will introduce a contextual synopsis including the definition of policing and the contemporary framework within which it is established and applied. In addition it will present a chronological basis of the development of policing into the subsequent formation of the Police; progressing to a specific application of critical evaluation of policing practices from historical and…

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  • My Experience In Criminal Investigation

    • Managing, administrating, directing and developing a team of eight personnel • Suspect apprehension and detention, including negotiation for custody • Running and managing the planning and execution of structured and dynamic risk assessments • Conducting Policing in support of various Military Operations and deployments including; Afghanistan, Kenya and Canada • Deployed on the Olympic Games working in partnership with the Metropolitan Police Service PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT • Two day forensic…

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  • Dhaka City Essay

    This growing number of people rushing into the cities create urban crisis. It is true that people move from villages to the cities in search of better life standard, on the other hand it is also true that for the low income people, Dhaka has not been able to provide a healthy living space. Almost the people from low income class choose slums as their households. There are many slums in Dhaka and the living conditions in these slums are very unhealthy. The largest slum in Dhaka is the karail slum…

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  • Argumentative Essay Against Police Brutality

    Police brutality is a real issue in today’s society due to the media making a big deal about it. This author swears, with his right hand on the bible, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and everything but the truth. Police brutality doesn’t just occur in the US it happens all over the world but however there are justified reasons why police have to do what they got to do to survive. On the other hand some police do brutally use too much force and those are the police that get put on the news…

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  • Apia Case Study

    The growth rate of population and pressure of urbanization are increasing for a long period of time. Like any growing town, Apia is under increasing pressure to maintain adequate services to its urban population. There are two disadvantages need to be mentioned for environment and human health. However, based on the strategies mentioned above, the problem of uncontrolled waste water will be solved and it is important to keep the environment clean and human health in Apia. Apia has urbanization…

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  • Urban Expansion

    The industrial age has change how the world is being structured. During the agricultural age, the land was mainly used to produce food for sustaining both human and animals. As we moved into the industrial, factories and city centers began being built. There arose a need for adequate living arrangements for the people that worked in the factories and city centers. Urban areas designed to accommodate large numbers of families began to spring up around these factories and city centers. Fast…

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  • Importance Of Transportation In Urban Areas

    Public Transportation Systems for Urban Areas Objective: Introduction: 1. Urban Public Transportation Systems: Cities and metropolitan areas are centers of diverse activities, which require efficient and convenient transportation of persons and gods. It is often said that transportation is the lifeblood of cities. High density of activities makes it possible and necessary that high capacity modes, such as bus, light rail and metro, be used because they are more economical, more energy efficient…

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  • Cultural Challenges In Urbanization

    Urbanization is a complex spatial process that converts rural land uses to urban uses, and causes various impacts on ecosystem structures, function, dynamics, and the livelihoods of human beings. It is expected that by 2030, there will be 2 billion new urban residents. The study also suggests that 90 percent of urban growth is taking place in developing world. A largely rural country, with only 17 percent of the population living in urban areas (Nepal census, 2011), Nepal is urbanizing rapidly.…

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  • Urban Migration

    suburbanization of population and employment has been easily observed in large metropolitan areas all over the world, which is generally referred to as “sprawl”. This phenomenon has accompanied not only the spatial redistribution of population, but also the geographical relocation of firms, which has brought about several urban problems – for instance, severe traffic congestion due to the growing distance between jobs and housing, inefficient energy consumption due to the increased commuting…

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