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  • Supervisor On Duty Case Study

    Officer Hill behaved in an unprofessional manner and was verbally abusive towards me on two separate occasions: Tuesday, March 1st, 2016, and Monday, March 7th, 2016. In addition, during the second occasion, Officer Hill behaved in a threatening and intimidating manner when I requested the Supervisor On Duty. When asked, Officer Hill refused to provide either his badge number or first name. I have a U.S. prescription for a Schedule IV medication that costs $800 per month in the U.S., but only $70 per month in Mexico. Without this medication, I cannot work or safely travel alone. I intend to start purchasing this medication in the U.S. as soon as my insurance coverage takes effect, but until then I can only afford to purchase this medication in Mexico. My U.S. physician knows my situation. On Tuesday, March 1st, 2016, Officer Hill refused me entry with my medication and sent me to a secondary screening. Officer Hill was condescending and would not listen when I tried to explain my situation and present my documents. During secondary screening, I spoke with two other officers - both of whom were courteous and professional - but ultimately deferred to Officer Hill’s incorrect judgment. To demonstrate Officer Hill’s lack of professionalism: at one point the secondary screening officer wanted to discuss the matter with the Supervisor On Duty, but could not leave me alone while he left his post. Officer Hill passed-by and the secondary officer asked him to watch me…

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  • Personal Narrative: Race, Ethnicity, And Social Class

    church because it was right next to the apartments where I used to live. My parents are Chinese, which means, I also grew up with Chinese culture. I ate Chinese food because my parents are Chinese and they believe in Buddhism, therefore, I had to believe in Buddhism because my parents made me practice it with them. Now that I’m an adult, all I believe in is to be a good person but I do not belong in any religion. I was born in the early 1980’s in Mexico - Mexicali, with that said, Chinese…

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  • Case Study Of Sunpower

    on the commitment of human innovativeness and thoughts that are so fundamental to any incline change. "Human work is the main renewable asset with a subjective trademark," the book states. "Work is the most flexible and versatile of all assets, with a solid yet perishable subjective edge: it is the main asset fit for innovativeness and with the ability to deliver imaginative arrangements." SunPower would need individuals ' inventiveness if its Mexicali plant, picked as the model office to test…

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  • Summary: Family Disappearces

    On 11/03/2017 at about 0320 hours, I was dispatched to 4004 Fragrant Jasmine Avenue in reference to a family disturbance. Upon my arrival, I was met by a Hispanic male adult identified as Rene Martinez. Martinez stated that he and his girlfriend ( Janine Ruvalcaba) had an argument over Martinez coming home late. Martinez went on to say that Ruvalcaba pushed him and “smacked” him. Martinez did not have signs of battery and refused medical attention. Martinez stated that he Ruvalcaba had a…

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  • Essay On Drug Trafficking

    we know of, brilliant to a lot, but he had an addiction to cocaine. It had personal effects on his life. His family staged an intervention for him. Edgar Allan Poe had an alcohol addiction. His life was filled with death and despair, and the alcohol didn’t make it any better. Charles Dickens, who wrote one of the most famous Christmas novels of all time, was addicted to opium. Their addictions all most likely led to their unfortunate deaths. There are plenty of current events that are going on…

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  • Salton Sea Case Study

    1.The increase in salinity is the main cause because of the problems of the faraway locations and because of the local cities waste that runoffs causing an accumulation of nutrients leading to salinity and even eutrophication. Which has caused deaths of fish and birds. As well as embryo defects to the fish residents of the Salton Sea. Making the Salton Sea a death trap instead of a safe substitution of the past wetlands. 2. Lake Cahuilla differs from the Salton Sea in the fact that it wasn’t…

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  • Essay On Spiritual Wellness

    kiss me, but I rejected her hugs and kisses. There was a lot of resentment in my heart for her. I never asked questions about my mother because I didn’t want to hear that she didn’t love me enough to look for me. All I had in my heart was hate and I never wanted to see her in my life again. The only contact I had with her after that day was because I wanted to play with my older brother. I asked her to let me see my brother to play with him. She agreed to that so we saw each other and played…

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  • Same Kind Of Different As Me By Ron Hall And Denver Moore

    The same thing happen to several cousins from my mothers’ side of the family. In one occasion my cousins did not had enough money to pay for the rent. The owner of the apartment told them that they had three days to pay out or he was going to kick them out. They live in Mexicali, across the international border, so the minimum wage is not that high. Two of my three cousins were working at the time, so they barely made it to pay for the rent and their utilities. Two of them were pregnant and…

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  • Foodborne Illness In Leafy Greens: A Case Study

    The salads were called Field Fresh Chopped with Grilled Chicken and Mexicali Salad with Chili Lime Chicken (CDC 12.11.2013). These salads were produced by Glass Onion Catering (CDC 12.11.2013). On November 10, 2013 there was a voluntary recall of approximately 181,620 pounds of ready-to-eat salads and sandwich wrap products with fully cooked chicken and ham, because Glass Onion Catering had reason to believe that some of their product had become contaminated by STEC O157:H7 (USFDA 4.24.2014).…

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  • Post Apocalyptic Wasteland Research Paper

    health issues for us, there are also ecological issues regarding the vast amount of species that call this lake their home. There are hundreds of birds that live in this region, and if this lake dies, many of them may die along with it. Originally, the Salton Sea was part of the Gulf of California, but this was millions of years ago. Once the Gulf of California receded, it created a huge dry depression that occasionally flooded when the Colorado River changed its direction. One of the biggest…

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