Apia Case Study

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Urban development in Apia
Apia is the capital city of Samoa and the largest city in the Pacific. In Apia, there is a trend that 40% of population are looking forward to live in urban area. And the rate of urban growth will be continued to increase (Pacific island populations in Jones article, 2001). Urban population, density of house and waste from industries are all rise continually. Due to the increasing of pressure of urbanization and the lack of effective management solutions, an important environmental issue has come up with that is uncontrolled wastewater (Jones). The scope of the essay is to determine two problems and solutions. There are two disadvantages: bad for environment and influence of health of human, and solutions
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The growth rate of population and pressure of urbanization are increasing for a long period of time. Like any growing town, Apia is under increasing pressure to maintain adequate services to its urban population. There are two disadvantages need to be mentioned for environment and human health. However, based on the strategies mentioned above, the problem of uncontrolled waste water will be solved and it is important to keep the environment clean and human health in Apia.
Apia has urbanization problem with uncontrolled waste water. Improving the quality of environment and managing uncontrolled waste water are a long-term task that needs to be solved and decrease the environmental pollution and human health risks. The cumulative impact of positive actions will be a healthy urban environment. Human health is the first thing should be focused on. Therefore, it needs every person to carry out to prevent the environment for solving uncontrolled waste water in
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