The Importance Of Clean Water Quality In Haiti

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When looking at a map of the world, if you look right under the United States and to the right of Mexico, you will find a small island divided into two countries; one of those countries is the nation of Haiti. Haiti is in the Caribbean Sea attached to the Dominican Republic. Haiti has a hot wet climate and consist of a tropical biome. Haiti’s government is constructed of a Semi-Presidential Republic and the current head of Haiti’s government is their president Michel Joseph Martelly. This island is small in size, but population size exceeds 10 million, but a good portion of the country is under the age of maturity and reproduction. Haiti’s education is falling apart; less than 22% of males and less than 30% of females even make
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The air quality has become a large issue for Haiti in recent years because of the unreliable electricity grid. Residents in Port-au-Prince and other large cities in Haiti turn to diesel generators as a backup plan when the electricity goes out. The electricity goes out often, therefore these generators are being used a large amount (Bambrick, 2014). In Haiti, clean water is something only 55% of the population has access to (Sentlinger, 2016). Disease and bacteria in the water supply is the cause of over 50% of deaths in Haiti. Due to the 2010 Earthquake the wells and water systems suffered major damage, and the government does not have the money to do widespread repairs. Unfortunately, the waste management system is not much better than the water management systems in Haiti. The waste is supposed to be collected by the cities into one area, where the government comes to pick it up. Those trucks take the waste to a government owned are where the trash is managed. The problem is on the latter end, the government has not been picking up the garbage, so the city has stopped collecting it. This leaves the problem in the hands of the citizens, and they have no other choice but to burn it (Bambrick, 2014). Because of the poor waste management in Haiti, the coasts are polluted with garbage creating a danger for citizens and animals. The obscene amount of loose trash eventually makes its way to the beaches and now overruns them. The natural wildlife confuses the trash with food and they get very sick, injured, or die. The environmental quality in Haiti is dreadful and needs a lot of work to bring the country back to a healthy state. This is not an impossible task, especially if addressed sooner than

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