Edwidge Danticat Brother I M Dying Analysis

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There is more going on within Haiti than what meets the eye. Edwidge Danticat has exposed the real deal and the destruction that is going on inside the Republic of Haiti. In this essay, a deep analysis of Edwidge Danticat’s “Brother, I’m Dying” and the present negative effects on the country that the U.S. and Haiti’s political situation has influenced. The country was negatively affected by brutal violence, poverty, and the lack of freedom.
The Haitian people have very restricted freedoms. Most do not exercise their rights in view of the fact that there are lots of deaths just from protesting about the government. People in Haiti die every day just from being caught in the middle of a remonstration. The lowest class in Haiti don’t get to exercise their rights just for the simple fact that they do not have much money. Then president they have chosen suddenly turns around and stabs Haiti in the back.
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This is an example of how bad the economy was in Haiti. Many people buried in mass grave sites, not even in an actual graveyard. The people of Haiti could not afford hospital care so they can be treated. “The U.S. and Haiti share the record for the extremes of per capita income. The U.S. has the highest per capita income in the Americas and Haiti has the lowest” (www.sjsu.edu). Most Haitians worked in and owned their own stores. Any lower class Haitian can be tokened advantage because the government will do nothing if their employer steals from them. Mulattoes would enter shoes stores and take whatever they want which cheats the workers and store owner (Danticat 45) Another example of Haiti’s economy being wrecked, “A thousand plantations had been destroyed in the uprising.” (www.sjsu.edu). “Since then, Haiti has suffered from deforestation and natural disasters. making its land far more depleted than most, even neighboring Dominican

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