Reflective Essay About Haiti

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Have you ever done research on a place that is new to you just to see what it is like before you get there? Maybe did some research just to know about it so you can completely understand the background of the place to discover certain places or things? Well, that is the story of what I did before going to Haiti. Just knowing that you have ethnicity in your bloodline just made me want to engage into learning about the island and culture. The saying goes know your roots and where you come from. In America we constantly hear about other countries and Haiti is one of them especially after the Earthquake that kills and injured thousands of people. Since then Haiti has been doing its best to rebuild up the country. Let the adventures began to discover Haiti’s culture, background history, and uncontrollable damage that has been done. …show more content…
It is important to know what language is being spoken because you will be able to look up words or phrases that you will need to ask or respond to. In Haiti their languages are Creole and French according to the 1987 constitution. Haitians are beautiful people. Not only because I am Haitian but learning that Haitians have great hospitality and know how to treat people was great to know where I get it from. There are several holidays that Haiti celebrate which are New Year’s which is also Independence Day, Flag day (May 18th), Christmas and Easter. Haitians are mostly Catholics they also celebrate the catholic holidays as well. In February there is this celebration called Kanaval (carnival). It is a celebration that happens in the beginning of February that last a two to three days full of fun, music, parades, dancing, and food. Rice and beans is served with every meal. They mainly eat chicken and pork but they always eat beef, goat, and fish. Haiti is a poor country so not everyone can eat and when they do they make food to last them days or for the whole family to

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