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  • Toronto The Good Analysis

    In 1886 Former Toronto Mayor William Holmes Howland coined the term, “Toronto The Good” as his city slogan. (Ruppert, 2006) Derived from associations with middle class, Victorian morality and representing a staunch religious right wing perspective, Toronto was held up as a representative example; thus, according to Frommer’s (tourist guide) it was dubbed “Toronto The Good” (Davidson, 2007). The roots of this label, from where we stand now, are less than ideal. An argument could be made that Toronto is not the ‘good’ that it purports itself to be. Issues of population density and its effect on property prices and, as Oliver Moore from the Globe and Mail reports, the failing public transit system, hydro and transportation infrastructures have…

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  • Immigrant Minorities In Canada

    Since 2001, over 220,000 individuals have immigrated to Canada, with a high of 262,000 individuals entering Canada in 2005 (Stats Can 2011). Immigration is fundamental to Canada’s population growth, as according to recently release census data, international migration fuelled Canada’s population growth by two-thirds of Canada’s population between 2001 – 2006 (Stats Can 2011). Almost three-fourths of newcomers arriving between 1996 and 2001 have settled in Toronto, Montreal or Vancouver. Both…

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  • Case Study: Allied Properties Real Estate Investment Trust

    Introduction This report will focus on a commercial property that is currently listed for sale in Toronto, Ontario. A thorough analysis of the property will be explained in order to clarify on the strengths and weaknesses relevant to making an investment decision. The purpose of this report is to present a well-informed recommendation on whether or not the selected property is sufficient enough to enter the financial analysis phase. The recommendation will be directed towards Allied Properties…

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  • The Fulstow Short Story

    throes of the Asiatic cholera brought in from England, and just like Robinson, a stowaway. Many of the farmers were of German descent with only a few from England or Scotland. There was no village nearby of even the modest size of Fulstow. The buzz around the area at the time was the just opened Colburne Iron Furnace at Olinda that could employ some 60 men. It, in the early 1830s, supplied iron castings and works for points in the US and even spoons for Toronto. Lesson’s for a Would Be Rebel For…

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  • Niagara's P3 Model

    Introduction Toronto is a very diverse and global city that combines significant attractions, heritage, cultures, and natural sights such as Niagara Falls, Mississauga, and Brampton. Toronto is also known as Canada’s leading tourism destination where it reached 9.62 million visitors in 2009. Tourism Toronto is a destination marketing organization that attempts to reach the goal of PPP Canada’s P3 model which is Public-Private Partnership. PPP indicates private sectors funded and operated by…

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  • Comparison Of Policy Between Seneca College And Humber College Analysis

    Comparison of Policy between Seneca College and Humber College One of the serious academic offences is plagiarism since plagiarism leads to breach of academic honesty. Plagiarism is concept that infringe the copyright. There are various ideas, concepts, and works related the copyright. If people want to reference another’s ideas, concepts, and works they should refer a citation where comes from. However, according to Parker, Lenhart, and Moore(2011), over half of college presidents announce…

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  • Life In The Secret Annex Research Paper

    Life in the Secret Annex Early 1942, Anne and her family, also the Van Pels, stayed in the Secret Annex. First, they hid in Mr.Frank old business place,in the attic.The attic had two floors,there was four bedroom and one bathroom. Then,they were in the Secret Annex for 2 years in hiding.Also, they had to go through some very harsh conditions. The harsh condition where they couldn’t go to school,not allowed outside at all,could not walk in the Secret Annex with shoes on,can’t run water from the…

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  • Egg Hunt Reflection

    This past semester, I worked with Big Brothers/Big Sisters of South Niagara over the Easter weekend for their annual Easter Egg Hunt. This is a charitable event that raises funds for the organization with the help of the City of Welland as well as the Welland firefighters, both volunteer and paid. Also, with the aid of many, many volunteers, the event almost always runs as planned. I have helped at this event for the past two years with friends. Both years, my friends and I have painted faces…

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  • Graduation Speech: If I Were Playing Basketball

    place now. I really like going to the school to make a difference and keep making a difference improving that success that Ryerson is in right now. So what program are you going into? Im going into graphic communication management that’s a little program I 'm getting into to get into new media. What are you most looking forward to on and off the court at Ryerson? Im just hoping to get the leadership roll I got that leadership roll at John Abbott so I just hope to keep getting that…

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  • Barriers In Canadian Immigration

    Introduction The history of Canadian immigrations begins in late 15th century by European explorers (Knowles, 2007). Today, around 250 thousand people from all over the world move to Canada as a refugee or an immigrant each year (Statistics Canada, 2011). Many of these newcomers may feel like strangers in the process of initially settling down in Canada. They may face prejudice and discrimination, language barriers, employment issues regarding to skill discounting and foreign credentials…

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