The Importance Of Tourism In Toronto

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Toronto is a very diverse and global city that combines significant attractions, heritage, cultures, and natural sights such as Niagara Falls, Mississauga, and Brampton. Toronto is also known as Canada’s leading tourism destination where it reached 9.62 million visitors in 2009. Tourism Toronto is a destination marketing organization that attempts to reach the goal of PPP Canada’s P3 model which is Public-Private Partnership. PPP indicates private sectors funded and operated by government entity to provide services which bears significant risk. Their goal is to distribute better tourism service in the industry and improve their value. In order to develop the tourist resorts to survive between the competition all around the world,
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Tourism Toronto makes it easier for tourists to find information about Toronto. It is helping Toronto to become a better destination where a lot of tourists visit. The organization give information to people: what to see, where to go, some restaurants that show nice views. Toronto Tourism helps to look for accommodation while staying in Toronto. Events and Festivals make Toronto more attractive destinations – Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto Zoo, Halloween festivals are some lists of events and festivals held by Toronto. Events and festivals make city more attractive. Niagara is main tourist’s destination – see Niagara Falls, experience recreation: going on a boat. Canada is famous for its sports team: Blue Jays, Raptors, Maple Leafs, Tourists come to watch games and enjoy the events come with it. Toronto is well known as multicultural country which half of population come from other countries around the world, which brings different kinds of international …show more content…
In order to bring tourists, destinations must have something to see that interesting, something to do that is entertaining and something to see which is nice and delicious. CN tower is not only tower that people go up and see view then come down, now CN tower has recreations: edge walk which is walking on CN tower which is 553.33meters high. Also they have brought 360 restaurants which shows view of Toronto. By adding these new feature, it makes CN tower more attractive and not boring. For those who have been to CN Tower twice don’t have reason to go back, however by adding recreation and events make it more enjoyable. It makes reason to come back to CN Tower. Wonderland usually have new rollercoaster or vehicle every two years. Brining more people to amusement park to try new vehicle. Art gallery of Ontario is offer a free pass on Tuesdays, where everyone who comes on Tuesday to look at art is free- there are no admission fee to go in. In Downtown Toronto there is always some kind of event going on – Festivals, events, concerts, etc. As long as there are a lot of things to see and eat, tourists will be willing to come to Toronto to travel. Christmas season Toronto downtown is decorated as Christmas. At the end of year, New Year’s Day, in downtown Toronto there are countdown going on in front of city hall. A lot of people gather and do countdown together. There are a lot celebrities coming that day to celebrate New

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