The Fulstow Short Story

1886 Words 8 Pages
Although he learned cobbling skills well enough, the world as seen by the sailors was too much a lure for the 13 year old the Fulstow lad. He knew of dangers however, as it was common for seaman to descend on Fulstow, press-ganging men into the navy. Fulstow was a prime target due to its proximity to Great Grimsby and known toughness of its men. He knew also that, in choosing to runaway from his master shoemaker, Robinson would become a wanted apprentice. There would be a public announcement giving his name and description, warning anyone harbouring such a boy and they themselves would be prosecuted. If he himself was caught and convicted, he would be transported to Sydney, Australia and imprisoned, not the type of adventure he was looking …show more content…
However, Mackenzie carelessly left the list he had drawn, “rolls of revolt” he called them, back at the Montgomery Tavern. It was nearly a complete list and was contained in a large carpetbag. This was handily picked up by Bond Head’s men. At first the main effort was to capture Lount and Mackenzie. Lount was captured and later executed in public. Mackenzie escaped to the U.S., eventually returning after a pardon from the Queen.
As for Robinson and John back in Thornhill, hoping everything was normal didn’t work. On Monday morning December 11, an agent of the government, with 60 troopers ‘turned out, and scoured the Township of Vaughan’. They captured the local constable ‘that daring villain Watts’, full name Thomas Watts and with him Robinson and John in the back concessions. The prisoners were pinioned together by the arm to a strong central rope and booed and jeered at by bystanders. The small group of humilated prisoners were marched down Yonge Street and were placed in the gaols at Parliament House. Robinson and John stayed for not more than a few days as they were not charged with treason or insurrection. It still was not pleasant as the quarters were cramped, cold and damp. Soup consisted of the

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