Argumentative Essay Against Police Brutality

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Police brutality is a real issue in today’s society due to the media making a big deal about it. This author swears, with his right hand on the bible, to tell the truth, the whole truth, and everything but the truth. Police brutality doesn’t just occur in the US it happens all over the world but however there are justified reasons why police have to do what they got to do to survive. On the other hand some police do brutally use too much force and those are the police that get put on the news making all law enforcement look bad. Both sides of this argument are very displeased with this issue. To this coin there are two sides as there is with just about every coin, but anyways there is the police side which they choose to defend the actions of their fellow officers because they feel like what they do is justifiable in the eyes of the law. Then there is the civilian side were the people think law enforcement do nothing but hurt innocent civilians and treat the races horrible according to the officers’ skin color. The police think that some of their fellow officer’s actions are completely justifiable in what they do. The people think different, matter of fact completely the opposite. The people think that the police go out and just look around for people to pick on for no reason or if there is a reason it’s usually a racial thing. Police have a city obligation to secure and serve people, yet like the vast …show more content…
It is our plan to channel this aggregate annoyance into successful arrangement arrangements that won 't just make life more secure for subjects, yet will restore trust in police, and convey would like to miserable families and groups crushed by these appalling demonstrations of

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