Personal Narrative: National FFA Competition

Reaching a goal and the work it takes to get there can be a long, trying process. My goal is to put together a win to make it to the National FFA Competition on the FFA Nursery Landscape team. I have competed on the Nursery Landscape team from the time I was a freshman. As a team of three freshmen and one sophomore, our main goal was to place as high as we could as individuals which would help our team score. At the State Convention, I wanted to place in the top twenty as an individual. Before you can reach the State Convention, you must place in the top five teams in the region your FFA Chapter is in to even lead to a chance at winning State. To reach my final goal of making it to the National FFA competition, I needed to get ready for regions, advance to State, and as a team, we would need to place first. Before we could even think about competing at Nationals we would be required to win the State competition to even have our shot at Nationals. After we win the State competition, we then would be competing at the National FFA Convention, which is the …show more content…
We would have practice at seven a.m. once a week. Once we got closer to Regions and State we would practice two to three times a week. Coming to school at seven in the morning to learn about various different plants and doing math that early in the morning was never fun. Waking up early for practice was hard, but I knew if I did not attend practice, I would feel a sense of guilt because that could hurt our chances of getting to the top. Our regional competition was what we had all expected it to be. To prepare for the Regional competition we would set up practice competitions that were structured identically to our Region contest. This prepared us for that competition and that is how we made it to State. Once we learned that we made it past the regional competition, we had to practice to the max for the next two weeks to prepare for

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