Personal Narrative: A Career As A FFA Officer

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Even when I’m wrong I’m usually right. At least that is how I like to think of it but the truth is I am headstrong. I don’t give up and I’ll keep persisting to get what I want. Though it hasn’t always been helpful, but, yet being so stubborn has lead me to work hard to to achieve my goals.

To say I’m as stubborn as a mule would be an understatement. Whether in a debate or in casual conversation I’ll want to prove my point no matter what. But my stubbornness isn’t only conversational; it’s myself as a whole. The compulsive need to prove myself. And I’ve gone to great lengths to do that. Like when I decided that I would be a part of the FFA officer team.

Being an officer is the pinnacle of academic status at my high school. Every year it was a completion between students for the few coveted positions on the team. To get in was a daunting process of an application, flawless academics, and an interview. Yet there was no guarantee. In the end, I got rejected…twice. But I didn’t give up. I knew I had to be on the team and I wasn’t going to stop until they accepted me. Luckily, third times the charm and I became and officer.
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I’ve had to learn that giving up is okay and is sometimes the better option. More likely than not I’ll single-mindedly get myself stuck on one way to solve a problem, not realizing there is a better way to solve it. But because I am stubborn it leads me to work

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