Three Distinctive Styles Of Policing

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***When we were growing up we all wanted to be something important in life a doctor, a lawyer, a teacher, and even a police officer. Throughout time the laws of the land have changed and sometimes we must change with it. Although officers generally are taught the same thing it does not influence all the same. Certain factors influence differently generally officers go from departmental structural to individual typologies.
***Generally when we look at the role of the police officers it is hard to determine whether police officer role is crime fighting or the order maintenance. It is always hard to determine that because it may vary from officer to officer according to the book An Introduction to Policing by John Dempsey he aims to answer
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Wilson discovered three distinctive styles of policing: the legalistic, the watchman, and the service styles. Police agencies with a legalistic orientation focused strictly on law enforcement activities, whereas those with a service style focused on providing needed services to residents and business owners…… Watchmen: Policing that emphasizes order maintenance and crime control. They only care about serious crimes, not really misdemeanors. Believe that domestic arguments are private and rather help juveniles solve their problems then just bring them to jail. Legalistic: Believe that all citizens should be treated the same, so there is no discretion by police officers. They like to arrest people and "enforce the …show more content…
It is always important to remember that every officer is not the same so that sometimes what is deemed necessary to arrest someone in one circumstance is not always the case in another. Police officers no matter the type always use discretion in order to determine what the factors are that influence the decisions the officers make regarding stopping, summoning, and arresting persons. Now discretion can be a major challenge in the policing because not every officer thinks the same. Officer do not have the same mind from all the time and nor interact with the same people in the same manner. Usually it is given as long as the person is not blankly breaking the law and it is usually a minor infraction discretion is always used.
***In conclusion no two officers are the same there are many things and factors that determine what type of police officer someone is. Sometimes it is the environment in which they are in are the type of job that they are expected to do. Of all the ideologies and typologies there is not always one to describe the police officers and what they do them range from individual and departments. Although officers may have one complete ideas or typology of themselves the average citizen may disagree and often classify them into

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