Personal Narrative: Marching Greyhounds

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Walking on to the Lucas Oil turf as a Carmel Marching Greyhound for awards at Grand National finals after an exhilarating performance of “What a Tangled Web We Weave” was a feeling of pure accomplishment. As a sophomore, I had done this once before, but this time was different. The whole band knew we were in the running for the national title. Avon and Broken Arrow were our biggest competitors. Earlier in the season we won ISSMA state, so coming into nationals we knew we had a pretty good chance of being exceptionally good. Our finals performance was like no other. We gave it our all and let it all go in that ten minutes of performance.
Joining the Carmel High School marching band when I was a freshman in high school, playing the clarinet
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At this competition, Homestead and Avon were our biggest competitors and we knew if we performed our hearts out we could walk away with a first place trophy. With that knowledge, we went a conquered. First place felt really good, and gave us a big boost of confidence. The Carmel Greyhounds hadn’t won state since 2001 so it was a big deal. As the rest of the season continued, we continued to get better. Fast forward a bit to prelims night of grand nationals where we had to compete against 90 bands from across the nation who wanted a shot at a national title and an invitation to march in the 2014 Tournament of Roses parade in California. We had a late performance time on Friday and wouldn’t know the results until Saturday morning. Once we found out we made it to semi-finals we practiced more, then that afternoon we had our performance. If we were in the top twelve of the afternoon, we would earn a spot in the finals performances that night. The clarinet section found out the results from semi-finals on the bus going to finals and we had won. There was a thunderous applause and cheering from everyone on the

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