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  • Special Force Analysis

    Mr Devine, Unconventional Warfare (UW) inherently links to the Title X versus Title 50 debate. Your comments regarding Special Forces (SF) and the CIA understanding UW while policy makers don’t, is the issue. When the line separating Title X and Title 50 blurs or crosses politicians, this applies to solider and agency personnel too, become nervous. This level of anxiety hinders the application and employment of UW in support of strategic goals. The Harvard National Security Journal Vol 3 states “Concerns about appropriate roles and missions for the military and intelligence agencies, or the [Title 10-Title 50 issues] as commonly articulated, can be categorized into four broad categories: authorities, oversight, transparency, and [rice bowls.]” The link between CIA and SF has worked brilliantly in the past, Afghanistan after 9-11 is a good example even though it was not a traditional UW campaign. Often the debate…

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  • Essay On Perfect Pivot

    The Perfect Pivot “A man watches his pear tree day after day, impatient for the ripening of the fruit. Let him attempt to force the process, and he may spoil both fruit and tree. But let him patiently wait, and the ripe pear at length falls into his lap.” These words by former President Abraham Lincoln accurately describe the impatient critics of President Obama’s, and subsequently, the Special Operations’ rebalance of forces and focus to Asia. The “strategic pivot” to the Asia-Pacific for…

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  • Unconventional Warfare (UW)

    knowledge makes people uncomfortable, especially if they supposed to be a subject matter experts on this particular topic. Special Forces Qualification Course (SFQC) exposed me to UW during Robin Sage training. UW concept and some of its activities were new to me. Seven years later when someone mentions UW, I remember my Robins Sage training. In my experience, Foreign Internal Defense (FID) is the majority of training I conducted. I heard how SF prides itself in UW, but the focus was on…

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  • Special Operation Forces Team Member

    In the Special Operations Forces Team Member Unit, there are many difficulties in trying to join this Team. These men are the meanest and baddest and do it for the U.S and their freedom. These men must do the unthinkable and stand up over the comrades, and train to perfection. The men on these teams face dangerous actions, and must be ready to strike at anytime and anywhere if needed. Being part of the Special Operations Forces Team Member makes you stand out, and the things that could happen…

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  • Special Forces Warrant Officer Essay

    Throughout the past seven years, I have served over five years on a Special Forces Operational Detachment Alpha as a Communications Sergeant and Intelligence Sergeant. I also served over two years as a Company Intelligence Sergeant. During this time, I have been dedicated to upholding the professionalism, reputation, and integrity of the Special Forces Soldier. I have greatly enjoyed the time I have served as a Special Forces NonCommissioned Officer, and I look forward to the potential of…

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  • The Role Of Warrant Officers In Special Forces

    Warrant Officers within Special Forces are looked to for their high level of experience by commanders and Sergeants Major alike. More often than not, within our formation, warrant officers are viewed and employed by commanders and sergeants Major as part of the command team. Company and Battalion Warrant Officers should absolutely be part of the command team because they already are! Time spent as both a company and battalion operations warrant officers, in conjunction with the nominative…

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  • The Ugly American Essay

    The book described characters that unknowingly possessed different imperatives. This essay illustrated how Joe Bing’s lack of appreciation for the Sarkanese culture directly affected the political climate. It also demonstrated how Joe Bing like service members could hinder the United States’ interest in the host nation. The essay showed Homer Atkins as a character that United States service members should emulate. He illustrated the effectiveness of applying capabilities indirectly. His…

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  • Personal Narrative-My Daddy's Special Forces Ring

    My Daddy’s Special Forces Ring “Come on girls, it’s time to go to Green Ramp.” That was the one sentence I used to hate hearing growing up because I knew what was about to happen. My Dad would be leaving for months on end for a war that I felt was never ending. I would get up and grab my mother 's’ hand and fiddle with the ring she wore on her right hand as she walked us into Green Ramp. I still remember how ice cold it would feel on my small fingers. I never used to understand the meaning of…

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  • Joint Force Case Study

    The key general capabilities necessary to rebalance the Joint Force 2025 given the current strategic direction and global security environment to ensure Freedom of Maneuver (FOM) in the global commons and dominance within the cyber and space domains. Enhanced capabilities to protect cyber and space domains and synchronized partnered alliances are required to counter threats to these domains. This rebalancing is warranted to maintain a level of readiness that meets the needs of the National…

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  • Isaac Newton's Laws Of Motion And Crumple Zones

    Isaac Newton’s Laws of Motion and Crumple Zones Crumple Zones design and function The crumple zone is the front and the rear of a motor vehicle that is designed to crumple without difficulty and to absorb the force of the impact in a crash. Crumple zones are also known as crush zones and they absorb energy in a crash so that it doesn’t transmit to the occupants as much. The zones are now made in cars to prevent death for occupants or serious injuries when in a crash. The front of the vehicle…

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