Virtual Environment Analysis

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Virtual environment allows the user to interact with the computer simulation environment, where the user experience is the interaction between the real and the imagined. Augmented reality and virtual reality technology enhanced mixing two. Virtual enhanced by combining real objects and computer data, virtual items will be generated in reality. This means that the user can see coexist in the same space of virtual and real objects. But just let enhancement technology of virtual items appear in reality, is not completely replace it (Architecture Mixed Reality n.d.). Based on Azuma(1997), augmented reality system is defined as a combination of real and virtual, real interaction and registered in 3D.
On the other hand, enhanced virtual sex is also known as mixed reality, is a real and unreal technology merge. Enhanced virtual environment mostly in a virtual space, being integrated physical and virtual objects interact in real time.
The purpose is to restore virtual heritage cultural heritage as a real environment, users can immerse and understand its historical past. Through augmented reality, virtual heritage and legacy will be the contact between users. The interaction between them is one way in which the virtual heritage is
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The purpose of this technique is to obtain a faster and more realistic effect to simplify the modeling. This technique is considered to be a good technique to generate virtual view. From the input image, this technique will create a 3D environment novel FIG. In general, for image-based rendering technique needs only limited visualization applications. The technique relies on the exact location of the camera or perform automatic matching, the absence of geometrical data, it requires a lot of closely spaced images to be successful. Most image-based rendering matching image geometry, geometric polygons range from hundreds of the same amount per unit pixel depth (Oliveira

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