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  • Escape From Alcatraz Research Paper

    at sea is and will continue to be a mystery until other evidence is discovered. The FBI and other agencies have tested any theory they have to try to determine if the prisoners had possibly made landfall or not. “Fedor Baart, a simulation specialist at Deltares, explained: "We didn't know exactly when the inmates launched their boats, or their precise starting point, and so we decided to release 50 boats every 30 minutes between 2000 and 0400, from a range of possible escape spots at Alcatraz to see where they would end up.” But in most of the outcomes they received, even after adding a paddling effect to each boat, the men would not have survived. They would have either been swept under the current of water that is strongest under the Golden Gate Bridge, been picked up by the police, or died of hypothermia. There is a very slim chance the prisoners made it to land, but it is, however, a possibility. Now, more than 50 years later, the Anglin family is communicating with the authorities. New leads are being presented and the family is claiming that the brothers made it to land and “were alive and well up through the mid-1970’s, and could still be alive today.” The brother’s nephews, David and Ken Widner, are the ones who gave the authorities the information about the brothers.The family had said that the first signs of the brothers being alive was that their mother was sent a Christmas card with the names Clarence and John on them, three years after the escape. But there…

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  • Personal Narrative: Alcatraz

    tickets for the Alcatraz tour, a sudden call of a Caucasian man with a raspy and dry voice is made, “Two forty from Pier 33 to Alcatraz is now boarding! Final call!” My mom quickly checks the time on her grandma phone and realizes it’s now two forty-five. We sprint to the gates with our tickets in hand and fear in our eyes of missing the tour. Fortunately, the Caucasian man lied about the final call and we make it to the gate just in time. With a sigh of relief, my mom and I make our way down to…

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  • Alcatraz Research Paper

    Quinn the researchers had used a ground-penetrating radar. The radar that they had used revealed some remains of an old military fortress. Which was long believed to have been entirely demolished. The San Francisco Bay Island was once the home-base of a Fortress at Alcatraz. It was built and converted to a line defense during the Civil War. There was an old barricade, buried magazine structures, and tunnels that were exposed from the ground-penetrating radar, which was dated long before the main…

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  • Morris And The Anglin Brothers Essay

    whether or not the three escapees could have made it on their temporary raft. The time of the escape or where they launched their raft are not definite so the scientists created a range of possibilities. They started launching the boats from 8 pm to 4 am at 30 minute intervals from different possible starting points on the island. Also, adding paddling effects to the rafts created more precise effects on their ending points. They discovered that if the inmates departed before midnight, or after…

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  • Descriptive Essay: The City Of San Francisco

    Imagine a seven-by-seven-mile metropolis, surrounded by several neighborhoods filled with homes with unique design in Presidio Heights or Nob Hill, tall office buildings in the Financial District, and amazing views of San Francisco and the Bay from the Golden Gate Bridge or Twin Peaks. As many people view San Francisco as one of the most expensive and difficult cities to live in, I like to think of it as my home away from home. It is a city of seekers and adventurers. I am a city girl and I love…

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  • Gold Lettering Book Report

    I originally got in the predicament by taking the wrong bus. When I realized I had to walk I felt slightly annoyed because the Golden Gate Bridge was always cold especially at night and definitely in the winter. As I began to walk I slowly sauntered off into my thoughts as I usually do for long endeavors. I began to of a group of boys running into a thick cloud of white smoke. Blinded by the overwhelming cloud, I stared at the red dirt ground to keep my bearings. It was in that moment which I…

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  • The Genius Files By Dr. Warsaw Theme

    “We’re going to die in here!” Pep wailed. “Do something, Coke!” “What am I supposed to do?” Coke asked. Twins Coke and Pepsi McDonald just turned thirteen, and are traveling across the country with people who will make sure they never reach thirteen and a half. Dr. Herman Warsaw has a grudge, and plenty of ways to get rid of them. Lucky for the twins, they seem to avoid everything he can throw at them; so far. In this fifth installment in the series, Dr. Warsaw’s allies do horrible things to the…

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  • Personal Narrative: The City Of San Francisco

    My parents loved to travel to the old cities, the cities pervaded with old stuff like San Francisco. So did I like nostalgic cities and towns. From the spectacular Golden Gate Bridge, to the bustling harbor and houses with fancy old architectural looks along with the busy modern shopping centers. I loved San Francisco, a city of cheerful nostalgia. Just as, in 1989, a horrific earthquake, named Loma Prieta ruined the famous Embarcadero freeway and devastated the two-storey ramp leading to the…

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  • The Golden Gate Bridge Analysis

    Their minds running around one last possibility in circles, all concluded with a jump. The Golden Gate Bridge, the main focus of the film, is a popular tourist destination. As the documentary sets into motion,…

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  • Pain And Suffering In Ordinary People By Judith Guest

    Pain is defined as the physical discomfort or suffering caused by illness or injury. In Ordinary People by Judith Guest the story of a grieving family is portrayed. The story begins when Conrad gets out of the mental hospital, beginning to recover from his suicide attempt. However, as the story progresses the reader learns of much more hidden pain in the families past. A boating accident caused Jordan, Conrad’s older brother, to die, leaving the family in disrepair. After the death of his…

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