Golden State Warriors

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  • Golden State Warriors Case Study

    Kinks in the armor of the Golden State Warriors? The pursuit of 73 wins has not come easy, as the reigning NBA Champions have met defeat by teams many thought would never have had a chance. With that being said, which teams in the west have the best chance to dethrone the champs as we head into the playoffs? First, what stars need to be aligned for the Warriors to lose a game? Not a series but a game. It will be a difficult task to have this team lose 4 out of 7 times against one team as they yet to lose a season series to anyone. But in their loses, there are a few common factors Steph Curry has to shoot a bad game or the team has to have a lot of turnovers Here are some stats from some of their losses this season that key in on that. Spurs loss, Curry went 4-18 from the field Wolves loss Curry went 7-25 Lakers loss Curry went 6-20 from the field and had 4 turnovers, Draymond Green had 7 turnovers and went 2-7 Celtics Curry had 9 turnovers and 9-19 shooting from the field. So what will it take? Who will it be? Can anyone stand up and dethrone the mighty Warriors? Here are some teams that pose the biggest threat Oklahoma…

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  • Golden State Warriors Research Paper

    The defending NBA champions Golden State Warriors successfully break the long standing record of the 1995-1996 Michael Jordan-led Chicago Bulls for the team with the most number of regular season victories on Wednesday evening. The Warriors made history after beating the Memphis Grizzlies with a 125-104 win to register the franchise 73rd triumph to set a new record and became the very first ballclub to claim NBA’s best-ever regular season with 73-9. According to an article of theScore, the…

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  • Golden State Warriors Short Story

    First Time Going to a Warriors Game It was April 7, 2016 the time was 7:27. It was a very cold night in Oakland, California. “Mom when is the game going to start?” I asked. “Not long from now” my mom replied. In a couple of minutes I was going to watch my favorite basketball team, Golden State Warriors play against their archenemy, the San Antonio Spurs. Suddenly the lights went out and there was a great noise of whispering, then the national anthem was played. As soon as they sang “the…

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  • Golden State Warriors Case Analysis

    anything, can you blame LeBron for leaving to South Beach? However with Kevin Durant, instead of Mo Williams he had an All-Star Point Guard, Top 5 player in the league superstar Russell Westbrook, he had the better than expected Kiwi, Steven Adams, who was pivotal in their series against Golden State. Up until draft night Durant had Serge Ibaka, an elite shot-blocker who could knock down…

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  • Narrative About Soccer

    there was an announcement in the gym the announcer says we do not have enough room in this gym for everyone so we have decided to take this game to the golden state warriors oracle arena. and the crowd went even more wild including Tristen because he loves the golden state warriors and steph curry and klay thompson. So the whole crowd and some went to the warriors gym and they all found nice seats where they could see everything and Tristen was the first one in the locker room and to the gym…

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  • Sleepers In Basketball

    In my last article, we discussed some sleeper point guards for the 2015-16 NBA season, so now it’s time to look at the shooting guard position. Shooting guards are the most difficult players for me to project in fantasy basketball. It’s so hard during the preseason to get a firm grasp on who will be starting and who’s minutes may see a decrease this season. I do in fact have some great sleeper options, though. From Monta Ellis to Zach LaVine, there are are plethora of talented guys to anchor…

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  • Samurai Warrior Culture

    The Age of the Warrior in Japan has a distinct impact on the culture of Japanese Samurai, it defined who they were and their beliefs. (Independence Hall Association in Philadelphia) This initiation of the warrior class in Japan began in 1185 with the period known as the Kamakura Period, which was the longest of the three periods in Medieval Ages of Japan. The time period was mark by the defeat of one of the most distinct families in Japan the Taira family and the leadership of the Kamakura…

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  • Edward Bloor Quotes

    “Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore” (Andre Gide). This quote describes the main character, Paul, in Edward Bloor’s novel. He has trouble not only with what he sees and how to cope, but what he doesn’t see. Erik is Paul’s older brother and he finds great joy in agonizing him. Erik is one of the characters that contrasts to Paul and his eyesight. He sees what Paul does not and vice-versa. What the author is trying to provide the reader with with…

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  • The Snake Warriors Summary

    “The Snake Warriors – Sons of the Tiger Teeth: a descriptive analysis of Carib warfare, ca. 1500-1820” by Neil Lancelot Whitehead Neil Whitehead, in his article The Snake Warriors analysed Carib warfare, uses historical texts’ to interpret Carib war culture and society anthropologically. He does this by first, describing Carib military tactics prior to European contact, discussing social and ideological context they were deployed, and also to analyze the effect European contact had on the…

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  • Japanese Feudalism Essay

    overall. They could also play roles as lords as well as giving land to nobles and getting military service. Although, Emperors in Japan were basically just figureheads and really didn’t have power overall. the real power was placed with the Shoguns and Daimyos. One thing leaders did have in common at these times was that they were top of the social structure. Warriors of Europe and Japan shared common similarities and differences. The Samurai warriors of Japan lived by…

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