The Genius Files By Dr. Warsaw Theme

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“We’re going to die in here!” Pep wailed. “Do something, Coke!” “What am I supposed to do?” Coke asked. Twins Coke and Pepsi McDonald just turned thirteen, and are traveling across the country with people who will make sure they never reach thirteen and a half. Dr. Herman Warsaw has a grudge, and plenty of ways to get rid of them. Lucky for the twins, they seem to avoid everything he can throw at them; so far. In this fifth installment in the series, Dr. Warsaw’s allies do horrible things to the twins. Coke and Pep get thrown in a pit with a deadly snake, get thrown into the Hoover Dam, and get threatened with a nuclear weapon on the Golden Gate Bridge. Despite all of this, Coke and Pepsi persevere with lots of courage, and survive. The theme …show more content…
Everything has finally sunk into Coke’s mind, and he is beginning to show it. Even with depression, Coke is able to persevere through everything because he will always have his courage; which he will show later on in the story. The theme of The Genius Files 5: License to Thrill is Aware that he could have gotten everyone killed, Coke still climbed to the cable and fought him with nothing but a frisbee. That takes courage. This scene is significant to my theme because Coke was in a lot of fear at this moment as he could have gotten himself, hundreds of people, or both killed, he had the courage to take Dr. Warsaw in a hand to hand brawl on top of the main cable, which if broken would kill everyone on the bridge. To even climb to the top of the cable is courageous enough, but to fight a man in his prime on top of the cable, is a whole different story. “Coke and Dr. Warsaw grabbed hold of each other and started wrestling on the cable. One slip, they both knew, and one or both of them would fall to their death. “Watch out!” Pep shouted.“Be careful, Coke!” hollered Mrs.

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