Coca Cola Christmas Rhetorical Analysis

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A Coca Cola Christmas Undoubtedly, the primary goal of Coca Cola’s 2015 Christmas advertisement is to sell soda to its viewers. However, the subtle ways in which the company convinces the viewers to purchase their product may not be easily recognized by those watching the commercial. The commercial’s positive relation of the Christmas season to Coca Cola aims to create a link between the two in the viewer’s minds. Coca Cola uses this, along with a variety of rhetorical strategies, to help place their product in a positive light for potential customers. The Coca Cola commercial captures the attention of those who celebrate Christmas and therefore, markets their product in a way that does not disrupt the viewer’s pleasure while watching the commercial. Therefore, the intended goal of Coca Cola’s Christmas commercial is to convince viewers to buy their product through the use of positive emotions relating to the holiday season. This advertisement begins with the playing of the upbeat song, “Christmas (Baby Please …show more content…
Although in many situations, it is wise to follow the advice of, “Don’t accept anything from strangers,” this commercial provides an example disproving that theory. By offering a stranger Coca Cola, both the girl gifting the drink and the man receiving it are pleased. People commonly consider Christmas to be the giving season, so by having the girl give the man the gift of Coca Cola, the company is once again relating the brand to the holiday. This shows viewers that Coca Cola is the gift of Christmas. Although the company has been creating specialized Christmas advertisements since the 1920’s (, the claim that Coca Cola is the “Taste of Christmas” is still a bold one. However, because the company has been making these kinds of commercials for years and the company has only grown over time, the special Christmas advertisements are

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