Gold Lettering Book Report

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Large brown with gold lettering. Given to me by my grandmother, this book unconsciously started me down the path of my fascination of geography. One of the first pages in the book was a fold out that had illustrations of all the world 's flags of the time. I started by finding out about the countries countries that I thought had the coolest flags, eventually I made it a goal to memorize all of the flags in the book. While I was trying to memorize all of the flags I began to feel shocked with just how many countries there were in the world. Since I lived in the US, I began to think that every other country was the same size as the US which lead me to truly realize how big the world is. It wasn 't until many years later when I realized that the populations of countries are all people even though they are only represented by numbers.

When watching or reading the news about crisis or conflict there is usually a death toll given, for many including myself we look at it as numbers when we should all look at them as humans like you and me who are now gone. As humans we usually like to sugar coat things
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I originally got in the predicament by taking the wrong bus. When I realized I had to walk I felt slightly annoyed because the Golden Gate Bridge was always cold especially at night and definitely in the winter. As I began to walk I slowly sauntered off into my thoughts as I usually do for long endeavors. I began to of a group of boys running into a thick cloud of white smoke. Blinded by the overwhelming cloud, I stared at the red dirt ground to keep my bearings. It was in that moment which I saw a boy laying on the ground, as I walked past him I took note of object he had thrown across his chest. Then it hit me, that is object is an AK 47 and these are no normal boys these are child soldiers. It was in that moment when realized how easily I and everyone could become one of those

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