The Roles Of Child Soldiers

Child Soldier Imagine that you are a young boy or girl and instead of going straight home like your parents instructed you, you stayed out to play a game with some friends. During your activities you notice some strange armed men approaching. Not sure what to do you wait to see what they say. They quickly run up and grab you and your friends. Scared and clueless, they have blindfolded you and your friends, you sit in the back of the van they have put you in. They take you somewhere and the ride seems like it’ll never end. Once you arrive at the ‘soldiers’ camp of a sort they give you a cocktail of drugs. You wake up hours later to realize it was not a dream but reality. A gun is put into your hand and you are told to shoot it. Looking ahead, …show more content…
It includes girls recruited for sexual purposes and forced marriage. It does not, therefore, refer exclusively to a child who is carrying or has carried arms. (Legrand 4).
Child soldiers often regret the actions that they took part in during wartime and some embrace the lifestyle and become part of it out of free will. Therefore, I believe that prosecution of child soldiers should be seen as a case by case situation. Recently children in combat have become an epidemic, however, child soldiers have been used for quite some years. “Child combatants have been found on battlefields throughout history. Perhaps the most notable example is the Hitler Jugend (Hitler Youth) in the closing days of World War II.” (Kaplan). Countries that are at constant war or villages in constant battle seem to have the highest concentration of such soldiers. Dominican Republic of Congo (DRC) has been using child soldiers since 1998. They have killed almost three million people and were forced to commit acts of necrophilia and cannibalism. Many countries have crossed numerous lines of human rights without consequence

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