Golden ratio

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  • Golden Ratio Research Paper

    “The golden ratio is a special number found by dividing a line into two parts so that the longer part divided by the smaller part is also equal to the whole length divided by the longer part.” (Elaine J. Hom )After the 21st century, golden ratio represents as a phi in Greek alphabet. The equation for golden ratio is a/b = (a+b)/a = 1.6180339887498948420 …,but if we round it two places, it will be 1.62.the golden ratio is also called the golden mean, golden section, golden number and so on. The symbol for golden ratio is phi, it is known as the Greek symbol. Phidias (500 B.C. - 432 B.C.) is a person who is from Greek and is mathematician and sculptor that has thought phi to the design of sculptures for the Parthenon.” Plato (428 B.C. - 347 B.C.)…

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  • Phi Research Paper

    irrational number also known as the golden ratio, with an approximate value of Φ= 1.618033988749895… Phi has many applications in several fields of study, including natural science. Through this work we will explore different cases in which a relation between the number phi and God can be witnessed, hoping to call the attention of the reader towards pivotal facts that can help see God’s hands at work behind even the least of things in the stage of this world. One of the evidences we would like…

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  • Leonardo Pisano: The Creation Of Fibonacci

    past term approaches, with ever more noteworthy exactness the higher the terms, a proportion of roughly 1 : 1.6180339887. This quality is alluded to as the Golden Ratio, otherwise called the Golden Mean, Golden Section, Divine Proportion, and so on, and is typically meant by the Greek letter phi φ (or at times the capital letter Phi Φ). Basically, two amounts are in the Golden Ratio if the proportion of the whole of the amounts to the bigger amount is equivalent to the proportion of the bigger…

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  • Math Vs Music

    working life, -each to receive its consummation from the other” (Fauvel). And famed composer Claude Debussy echoed “Music is the arithmeic of sounds as optics the geometry of light” (Fauvel). Both men, respected in their fields, had equal feelings about the relationship between mathematics and music. They not only live together, but feed each other, and complement each other. How many have not studied these relationships, but a few have and made it known that math and music can in fact be…

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  • Leonardo Of Pis The Father Of Fibonacci

    discovery of, “The Golden Ratio.” (Fibonacci, n.d.). His numbers are so famous that a journal called the Fibonacci Quartely is strictly devoted to its study (Fibonacci Numbers, n.d.). Though his numbers are associated with many concepts such as computer algorithms and graphs, his numbers are even found in nature (Fibonacci Numbers, n.d.). One such association is the arrangements of leaves on a stem, or the branching of trees, the flowering of artichokes, the fruit sprouts of a pineapple, the…

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  • Arbitrage Betting Case Study

    the same rate as the Fibonacci sequence. vspace{12pt} The reason that Fragiskos Archontakis and Evan Osborne decided to bet on a draw each time was because the odds for a match ending in a draw, before the start of the match, are never below the value of 2.618. The value 2.618 is the odds required to never lose money when using the Fibonacci Betting System, no matter how far through the sequence one gets. The profit returned from a bet winning with odds of 2.618 is 1.618, which is the golden…

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  • Aristotle's Golden Mean Analysis

    Analyzing and Applying Aristotle’s Golden Mean Aristotle’s Golden Mean was summarized wonderfully by Christopher Brown, “Aristotle’s Golden Mean is the concept of the perfect medium between extremes” (Brown). According to Aristotle, moderation is a keystone of virtuous behavior. Moderation is relative to each person. Aristotle suggests that each person temper their own styles and extremes (Adler and Proctor II). For example, if a person was naturally easy to anger, then that person should…

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  • Classroom Interview Paper

    Examples of demographics include; your location, education level, gender, and age. Michael grew up in a populous city in the tidewater region of Virginia. His classes were predominantly African American’s and Caucasians. Interestingly enough, there was a similar mix of individuals that lived in the suburbs compared to individuals living in low-income housing. The ratio of men to women in his classes was very similar. I believe that the ratio of men to women in classes is not a definitive…

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  • Ev71 Essay

    Genogroup B in the late 1990s found to have sudden increases of genetic diversity which correspond to the time when the major HFMD outbreaks were happened in Asia. The observed dynamics of the plot are mostly corresponded with the recorded global surveillance data of EV71 cases over the past 4 decades. Similar results were obtained when using the VP1 gene from genogroup C. This implies that the elevation in genetic diversity is correlated with EV71 epidemics. Natural selection and adaptation in…

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  • Hospital Staffing

    staff to patient ratios, or allow the hospital to make decisions about staffing levels, even if it means fewer staff working longer hours? This is a question that affects millions of hospitals and also effects protocols in hospitals all over the world. I rarely visit the hospital, but if I go to the hospital and it’s a very serious case will I be treated quickly enough? Registered nurses have long recognized and continue to point out that staffing issues are an ongoing problem. It…

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