Importance Of Course Development

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Course Development Complete updates and development of course material for the assigned training program in accordance with established standards and timelines, and course material is consistent with applicable manuals and regulations. The course materials include lesson plans, practical exercises, and competency tests. This standard requires that 90% of all training material must be updates and reviewed within the performance rating cycle.

I revamped 17 power-point presentations, for the course, to be used by staff members and students alike to enhance the instructor 's lectures and the student training experience. Along with the power-point presentations I generated five new unit review study aids, totaling approximately 120 questions each for a total of 600 questions. These study aids, assisted in increasing the student 's comprehension of the subject matter and improving their overall GPAs.

To date I have identified five minor errors in the curriculum which have been brought up to the course manger and corrected on the spot. I have also identified two inadequacies with the new smart monitors and overhead displays; the course manger is addressing the issues with the ADIS support.

Self Development
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Maintain awareness of developments within the cryptologic field by attending annual boards as applicable or as mission permits. Strive to complete three distance learning training events, three evaluations, and coach three instructors as a Senior or Master Instructor, and initiate a course improvement project IAW MOA from SFDB and the unit to meet training requirements to obtain USAICoE Expert instructor badge. Strive to complete the Master Training Specialist program to continue to improve your teaching techniques and procedures. Seek out other government and/or civilian training opportunities for career

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