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  • Summary Of Kohmann Dressage: A Discourse Community

    Lian Wolfe Professor Salazar ENC 1102 2 February 2014 Kohmann Dressage: A Discourse Community When a community comes together with a common interest and goal they are considered a discourse community. Our whole life we have been part of some discourse community and have not even realized it. Discourse communities are all around us in different forms; from businesses to schools to clubs, we see a discourse community everyday of our life. Even though discourse communities are everywhere we go, these communities have certain boundaries they follow, not even realizing, to be considered a good discourse community. As John Swales stated “I would like to propose six defining characteristics that will be necessary and sufficient for identifying…

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  • I Became More Courageous Narrative

    The Day I Became More Courageous and Learned To Face My Fears I was sitting in the ambulance at the MHJA horse show in Ohio. “Can you move your eyes back and forth?” The nurse had asked me. I did as I was told. The nurse was listing many symptoms that she thought I might have, if I had a concussion. “I’m going to shine a light in your eyes, and all you need to do is look at me,” She said with a concerning voice. They said I appeared to be dazed, and I had late responses. That was the last…

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  • Racial Profiling As Dressage Analysis

    Research Article - Racial profiling as dressage: a social control regime The article “racial profiling as dressage: a social control regime,” written by Laura J. Khoury, examines the strategy of racial profiling as a form of social control. The author starts with a n introduction to the topic, stating that racial profiling was first used in the 1970s, as a method to prohibit drug trafficking. She establishes that “racial profiling is the use of race in conjunction with space as key factors…

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  • Pony Research Paper

    The Pony dressage is an equestrian training process, which in short called as the English style of riding a pony. The word dressage comes from the French word “dresser” which means “to train”. Horse riding and dressage is the world’s oldest sporting event useful to determine horse’s flexibility, durability, attentiveness to balance and support. Through dressage the rider gently communicates with the horse through the support of the seat, spur, restraining aids of seat and driving aids of the…

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  • Why My Horse Is Important To Me Essay

    growing up is the first time I fell of a horse. I can still picture the scene in my head, starting with the horse spooking and running towards the fence, to the point where I fell off and could see the hooves right above my head. As a six-year-old child this fall should have scared me from riding a horse again, however it ended up having the opposite effect. It made me love this sport, and I was determined to continue riding, despite the reluctance of my parents. Ten years later, as I put my…

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  • Circus Animal Rights

    pictures with one horse in each. The pictures tell different stories about these horses. The first horse is a horse used in dressage competitions, which is an English discipline, and the second horse is used in circus scenarios. These horses have many similarities and differences comparing their animal rights and five freedoms. First comparing the animal rights of these two horses. First, the horse on the left is used in dressage competitions, which a competition to show off the movement of a…

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  • Comparison: English Riding Vs Western Riding

    as well. There are many different events in both English and western equitation. Some western disciplines include but aren’t limited to; western pleasure, reining, cutting, roping, working cow horse, western riding, barrel racing, pick up men, and trail riding. English disciplines on the other hand are much more refined. Classical dressage, dressage, english pleasure, eventing, field hunter, foxhunting, hunt seat are just some English disciplines. English disciplines are different than that of…

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  • Descriptive Essay On Eventing

    a thrilling three day event that a master and his or her horse perform in. It is not just to show how well a horse and rider can perform the games, but to show how well they work together. With jumping, dressage and endurance tests, eventing is an old but challenging event that horses and riders work daily to prepare for. Eventing has been around for decades. It was originally created to be used as a training competition for horses and their officers but it has slowly evolved into a sport that…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Passion In Art

    This quote resonates with my life. In the future, I know art will continue to grow greatly. I think my perspective of this world and the way I think of myself will grow the most. I will also fall deeper in love with art. I predict that one day I will be able to make my living from my paintings and writing. That hope is what keeps me on the path of continuing my passion. So I ask you what is your passion and will you grow with it? Short Answer An activity that is important to me is…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Volunteering Experience

    Over my four years of high school, I have done a lot of volunteering and have been exposed to a wide variety of experiences. Every single opportunity has helped me grow as a human being. From my volunteering experiences, I believe that I have strenthened my inter-personal communication skills, developed strong work habits, and shared my friendly personality with different types of people in many different situations. I love working with people and feel a great satisfaction in helping to…

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