High School Dress Code: The Importance Of Dress Codes

If someone were to walk into a classroom and asked,”How many girls in here have been dress coded?” most girls would raise their hands; however if you were to walk into a class and asked,”How many boys have been dress coded?” none or very few would raise hands. There are many reasons that girls are more likely to get dress coded. Throughout my high school career I've always wondered why I've never seen a boy get dress coded… only girls. Jackson High school needs to change the dress code, the reasoning behind the rules, and inequality of gender treatment.
Most dress codes are hard for girls to follow and not break due to simple things such as a bra strap showing, shorts too short, or shoulders showing. “20 percent of American public schools required
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Why would a girl choose to wear an outfit with the idea that she would get sexually assaulted or harassed? The answer is: she wouldn’t, because no one wishes that upon themselves. Seeing a bra strap or a girls shoulders is now punishable and for what reason? Wearing a bra is a necessity for women and so what if their shoulders show.. From personal experience the dress codes are hard on girls and the act of getting in trouble is often emotional. Most girls wear these clothes not thinking about the fact they are going to get in trouble because what they are wearing shouldn't be used as a punishment. When girls are dress coded they are often given a talk by a school administrator talking about how if it happens again there will be some sort of disciplinary action taken and also given a lecture of how what they wore was not an acceptable …show more content…
If the situation is getting out of hand such as when the Albemarle County, Va passed rules towards a new dress code when lawsuits were filed and eventually taken to court where the judge said,”’the dress code is too broad-- and may be unconstitutional’”(Robson para. 6). With a school under these lawsuits and feeling as though their students are wearing inappropriate clothing; the easiest way to handle the situation is to enforce a school uniform. This way all genders are treated equally, the reasoning behind the rules are set in a reasonable manner, and the dress code is easy for everyone to follow. All schools that don't require a certain uniform including Jackson High School should adjust their dress code with the ideas of: the difficulty to follow the dress code, the reasoning behind the dress code, and the inequality of gender treatment. These changes in all schools alike would make the environment so much better for teenage girls constantly on the search for clothes that are, cute, appropriate, and fit their size. I would encourage many schools to take a survey on how students think the dress code should change and their reasonings of why it should

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