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  • Realism In Willa Cather's 'A Wagner Matinee'

    Willa Cather’s “A Wagner Matinee” was first published in 1904 and is a short story about a woman, named Georgiana, who finds herself transition from the ecstatic city of Boston, to the primitive Nebraska frontier. Cather’s “A Wagner Matinee” was inspired by Richard Wagner who was a German composer and conductor that lived from 1813 to 1883. He’s well known for his operas and his most famous work is that of “The Flying Dutchman”. Willa Cather, instead, wasn’t a musician but was an author of the realist movement. The story in question shows how setting can have an effect on characterisation and the events that take place in a story. Cather also shows the relevance of setting and time to the story’s overall meaning. Cather lived from 1873 to 1947 during which she was born on a prosperous farm in Virginia, she later moved to the harsh Nebraska frontier along with her family. Life on the frontier of Nebraska would be extremely difficult, but Cather grew to love it. Her stories were often set against the background of the wild land she came to love, therefore she became known for her depictions of the American frontier- again something that we see in “A Wagner Matinee”. The main characters in the story are Clark, who lives in Boston, and his Aunt Georgiana who gave up her life there to move to Nebraska. In her youth during a visit to rural Vermont, Georgiana met a very charing country boy who she became quite fond of, his name was Howard. He promoted her to make the move so they…

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  • My Aspects Of Memories: My Lost In My Memories

    path where I walk to my mom. After, I set up my sleeping bag and pillow I begin to read Herald and the Purple Crayon. After the first page all I picture is mom putting me in my little stroller, handing me my huge purple crayon, and the book. I could feel her breath and hear the softness of her voice as she whispered not to drop them. We start down our driveway. As I fumble to open Herald and the Purple Crayon she reads it to me over my shoulder. When she reads what Herald is drawing I look at…

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  • Bobbie Ann Mason Analysis

    Of all elements that any story is composed of (characters, setting, plot, etc.), there is no true way to determine which is more important to the development of the story; without characters, there is no one for the plot to occur to, no one to occupy the setting. Without plot, there is nothing for the characters to do, the story is merely stagnant. but with no setting, there is no place for the characters to exist, for the plot to occur to-there is no available catalyst in which the story may…

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  • Gender In Detective Fiction: Gender Roles In Detective Fiction

    In episode 1, she goes off on her own, without telling Carter, in order to attempt to figure out more about the murder. Although this gets her into a bad situation, she shows the initiative to be a part. This proves that she does play a part in the storyline. She also carries a gun with her, which is not typical of something that a woman would do. Another very good example of a contradiction to typical male detective is the Nancy Drew Series. The Nancy Drew Series was published from 1929 to…

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  • The Giver Argumentative Essay

    “On the playground, or once he started school at Blessed Sacrament with me, I watched out for him, and any bully thinking of messing with him would have to mix it up with me first” (Sotomayor 12). a. Caring about her family and their needs, Sonia would protect her family members from danger. She cared about her family so much that she would put herself out there to protect them. b. We all have a sense of responsibly to help out the ones we love c. Jonas from The Giver must protect his baby…

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  • Nancy Drew: A Case Background: Drafts Of Nancy

    Drafts of Nancy drew Case background When Nancy was driving, she saw a little girl. She was in the middle of the road and the truck kept on honking her. When the girl went to the side of the road she fell off a shallow cliff and Nancy went together. The little girl’s great aunt told Nancy to bring her in. The great aunt thanked Nancy for getting Judy backup. She said that Judy’s parents had died in a boat explosion and they left very less money for her. A cousin of the aunt's father, Josiah…

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  • Charles Richard Drew: A Brief Biography

    Even before Charles Drew went into medicine, he experienced racial tensions that limited his opportunities. He was one of only 13 African Americans in a student population of 600 at Amherst College in Massachusetts in 1922 (“Charles Richard Drew”). He knew that his race could potentially limit his opportunities in his education and career. Nevertheless, Drew decided to pursue medicine, but continued to witness actions of prejudice in the schools he attended and the places he worked. The American…

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  • Bud Not Buddy Analysis

    When I drew this painting, I used aspects in the story to reflect the imagery and the connections to relate the painting. If you were to read the chapters in the book, it would indicate that Bud’s suitcase resembles his pride. The reason I drew a depiction of hell is because, I wanted to show a strong tone of feeling, in a way to connect with the story. The major theme of “Bud, Not Buddy”, centers on a little African American boy who is in a search for family. Not only being Motherless, Bud has…

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  • Nancy Drew As New Girl Wonder Analysis

    Nancy Drew, commonly known as the original “Girl Sleuth”, is the lead detective of the Nancy Drew Mystery Stories. A young girl of 16 or 18 years of age (her age varies between stories), she was created by publisher Edward Stratemeyer, famously known for his The Hardy Boys detective series, and written by a variety of ghostwriters under the penname Carolyn Keene (Nancy Drew 2015). Nancy Drew is a female, amateur detective who stumbles upon mysteries in the fictional town of River Heights where…

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  • Reflective Essay: Automaticity And Free Will

    graders because colleges started their application process for the upcoming school year. At first, I was uncertain of which universities to apply to; therefore I seek help from teachers and counselors at my school. University of Washington was on the list among a number of other colleges. My counselor was from Seattle, who had a personal preference for UW. I also knew at the time that three alumnae from my high school had attended UW. My counselor used to joke…

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