The Anthem By Ayn Rand And From Declaration Of Sentiments And Resolutions

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Throughout the history of mankind, we have been inclined to the idea of a central authority. Empires such as the Romans, Greeks and Persians wouldn 't be known if, it wasn 't for their government. Also, Central authority has led to the demise of countries such as the Soviet Union, Cuba and North Korea due to corrupted leaders. In The Anthem by Ayn Rand and “From Declaration of sentiments and Resolutions.” by Elizabeth Cady Stanton both convey the message that the government hinders personal independence. Personal independence is being affected by the government intervening in personal matters or not showing enough interest for greater good for all. These issues have been true in the modern age and millions are being hindered by ineffective governments across the earth. By doing so the government has limited the personal independence. A miss conception is that all governments are made for the betterment of an entire society. It’s evident throughout history that some societies try to take advantage of its citizens. In the story, Anthem by Ayn Rand is taken place in a dystopia that everyone is created equal. The main character Equality is looked down upon for being different due to his appearance. Many of the themes of this story are inspired by communist ideas. During the course, of Equality’s life he realizes that his dedication to being unique was a failure. Many in this dystopia told him, “We strive to be like all our brother men, for all men must be alike.”(Anthem, Page…

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