Rodgers and Hammerstein

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  • South Pacific Themes

    “When all you care about is here, this is a good place to be.” ~ Rossano Brazzi (as Emile De Becque) in South Pacific It is interesting how human nature rarely fails to find an adversary. Even without fighting in a monumental war, we find a battle, and we only need to look inward to find it. Often times the battles fought within are amongst the greatest, most trying conflicts, as they are against the self. This battle is apparent in the musical South Pacific, where blurred battle lines of racism prove more troubling than the prospect of fighting for one’s country. The dynamic duo of Richard Rodgers (composer) and Oscar Hammerstein II (lyrics) bring to mind countless nostalgic reminiscences for countless people, spanning several…

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  • West Side Story: Music Analysis

    George Cohen, Cole Porter, and the creative duos: Alan Jay Learner and Frederick Loewe; Richard Rodgers and Oscar Hammerstein II. Many of their shows became very popular due to the fact that they followed the conventional musical formula.…

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  • Why Is Richard Rodgers Important

    Possible! The importance of Richard Rodgers What does the sound of music, Oklahoma, South Pacific, and Cinderella have in common. They have the music written by the Richard Rodgers. Richard Rodgers helped change the face of Broadway musicals, he changed them by giving them each individual stories that made them both memorable and loveable. This essay will discuss how Richard Rodger early life affected his work, his legacy, and the importance of his work. Richard Charles Rodgers was born on June…

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  • The Field Training Officer (FTO) Program Analysis

    The Field Training Officer (FTO) program was designed to advance a recruit officers knowledge and make them a better patrol officer. The definition of the FTO program is an experienced or senior member of a law enforcement organization, who is responsible for the training and evaluation of a rookie or probationary level officer. I based my FTO program around my departments program. I assisted on the development of this program so we could ensure our recruit officers were getting the best…

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  • Juke Box Musical Analysis

    songs form these shows they wanted to hear them again and again, and this led to the idea of the Musical standard. In this Essay I will be looking at how the musical has developed pop music and how in the years of its development it switched completely so that the popular music was influencing the musical. I will first look at the fifties and sixties and the idea of the standard and how that was the main focus of the musical. Then I will look at the seventies and eighties and the composers…

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  • The Sacrifice-Personal Narrative

    When you stroll into an amusement park you should notice crowds of people and long lines. You should hear screaming, all the rides and pitchers pitching sales, right? Not in my case. The sun had just risen as we pulled into the empty parking lot with only the sight of the band members unloading from the yellow school bus. It was a very crisp morning so we waited in the warm car until they let us in. We finally were allowed to walk in and listen to eighth grade band perform their melodies. As we…

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  • Phi Thetappa Honor Society Interview

    Profile of Mister William Ashcraft It’s a cool spring after noon on Friday and Araria Campus has some lingering students, teachers and campus workers. Some have classes, meeting to attended, papers to write, or papers to grade. As I head to my interview with Mister William Ashcraft in the kings building on the 5th floor. I hear 60s rock music coming from his office, as I walk in he, is sitting behind is desk grading papers. A man over 50 years old standing about 5’6 foot tall. He wore a light…

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  • Spamalot Musical Theatre Analysis

    like The Jazz Singer, that specifically represented Jewish characters in the story. More frequently the characters that explored the stories themes were non-Jews who were representatively groping, like the Jews, for new roles. It became methodical for Jews to write for non-Jewish audiences; they would just disguise their hunger to assimilate in the narrative text. For example, writing for the voice of a half-black woman in Show Boat, music by Kern, book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein (raised…

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  • Compare And Contrast Lancelot

    It was an ordinary, cold, rainy, day of December, and the travelers had met the Whataburger at 281. After they enjoyed a nice hearty meal, the Gamer stood up and said “Hear ye, hear ye! For I have a tale to tell whilst we are traveling so we can all be amused,” and it went something like this Once upon a time in an olden middle school, there was the schoolboy, who was very scrawny, and weak, and very lacking in confidence. He was always trying to get everything done on time, which he did, but…

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  • Ragtime Analysis Essay

    Premiering in 1997, the musical Ragtime, written by the trio of Terrence McNally (Book/Script), Stephen Flaherty (Music), and Lynn Ahrens (Lyrics) was something along the lines of a smash hit. Featuring a star studded cast, with such luminaries as Brian Stokes Mitchell, Marin Mazzie, and Audra McDonald, the musical won four Tony Awards and was nominated for 14, including Best Musical. The musical is based on E.L. Doctorow’s 1974 novel Ragtime, a work of historical fiction that has various…

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